5 Reasons Why Your Construction Business Must Have a Vehicle Tracking App

It is a well known fact that the construction industry utilizes various forms of heavy materials and construction equipment. Large, heavy construction vehicles are required to move these materials from one location to another, and improper handling or abusive use of company equipment can cause quite a loss in overhead profit. It is vital that construction companies manage equipment and resources at all times. One major way to monitor your valuable assets is with GPS trackers for your construction vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are still many construction business owners under the impression that GPS vehicle tracking is only beneficial for the transportation and supply chains industries. This could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, the use of vehicle tracking is quickly becoming a major part of the construction industry thanks to the many robust features it offers, including cost saving timely alerts, real time tracking, driver safety information, and more.

Below we have listed the top 5 reasons why your construction business must have a vehicle tracking app:

1. Vehicle and Equipment Management

Safety is one of the biggest concerns within the construction industry. Ensuring the safety of all machinery and equipment should be just as important. Not only is safety of your equipment and vehicles a top priority, but you should be able to efficiently manage them as well. With a GPS tracker app you can monitor the location of the person driving the vehicle or large equipment in real time, while also monitoring vehicle speed and fuel use, saving you a lot of money caused by improper use of your equipment by employees. A GPS tracker allows you to set GEO fencing boundaries and more to ensure complete and efficient vehicle management.

2. Locate Stolen Equipment

It is no secret that construction equipment can be very expensive, running up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The biggest risk for any construction manager is the theft of equipment. Unfortunately, this is a very common occurrence within the construction industry, and has caused a great deal of financial loss to many companies. Using a GPS tracker can help to greatly reduce this loss. When a vehicle or piece of equipment is stolen, you can easily track its location. You can also receive alerts when vehicles are moved off premises during off hours by employees.

3. Reduce Fuel Costs

An important advantage of a GPS tracker app is vehicle fuel monitoring. A GPS tracker not only allows the driver to take the shortest available route, it also allows managers to monitor the driver to ensure they aren’t taking advantage of the use of company vehicles. Construction managers can use this app to control the use of the vehicle by setting predefined areas and locations. Real time alerts are sent when these boundaries are crossed, or when the driver is overusing the fuel of the equipment, saving you a great deal of money in inefficient fuel usage.

4. Monitor Assets at RunTime

The construction business requires heavy materials and equipment to be moved from one place to another, oftentimes in bad conditions. Protection of your assets is vital to ensure a project is completed successfully. With a GPS tracker app, you can monitor the exact location of the driver of your vehicles and equipment, and receive preset alerts for misuse or suspicious activity. When a driver is aware that their activities are being monitored and recorded they are much less likely to abuse company vehicles, or take routes that aren’t necessary to the specific project. If a driver is using company equipment for unauthorized personal use, you’ll know.

5. Efficient Dispatching

With the use of a GPS tracker, managers are better able to control the dispatching of vehicles and equipment. Dispatchers are able to see the current location of the driver in real time. The ability to easily search for any vehicle and its driver also allows the dispatcher to move equipment more efficiently from one location to another using the shortest route. This feature makes dispatching much more convenient and safe for both company equipment and drivers.

5 Reasons Why Your Construction Business Must Have a Vehicle Tracking App

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