GPS trackers for kids: Never lose track of your little ones

GPS trackers for kids
Whether paranoid or not, tracking your kid’s routine is the new normal. The influence and impact of the digital world is fueling this norm as kids become vulnerable targets of harmful apps like Blue Whale, Yik Yak, Tinder,, kik … Continue...
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Find My Phone – Tips to Locate your lost (or stolen) Phone

Tips to Locate your lost
Install the Easy Logger App If you have the Easy Logger app installed on your phone tracking it gets easy. Use your online account to locate your phone. Or log into from any smartphone. Often users have been able … Continue...
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How Controlled Screen Time Improves Learning in Children

Kids GPS tracker
Parents, teachers, and other adults are aware of the dangers of allowing kids too much of screen time. This liberty will affect a child’s overall development and health. Children who spend an excess amount of their time on the phone, … Continue...
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5 types of crimes against children perpetrated via cell phones

Cell phone monitoring
The online world is an incredibly exciting, fascinating place to explore with unique opportunities for communication, learning, and being creative, however, just as the real world, alongside the opportunities, it also presents potential risks for young...
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How do I keep my children safe online?

Cell phone monitoring
The Internet is a fascinating world for the child – the ability to connect with other children on chat sites, the capability of apps to answer their obscure questions, the ability to play exciting online games as teams sitting at … Continue reading...
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Spotting the First Signs: Is Your Child Being Cyberbullied?

Spotting the First Signs
Cyberbullying is a reality The daily chores of life coupled with the necessity to work hard towards sustaining a decent lifestyle leave parents with little time to really understand their child’s cyber activity. Though they are aware that their child...
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Top 5 Reasons Businesses are Adopting GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software
Behind the GPS monitoring of transportation lies a comprehensive, multi-functional system for managing vehicle logistics. A vehicle tracking software tackles logistics with both simple and complex solutions, allowing you to have a wealth of information...
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5 Advantages to Allowing Kids to Have Cell Phones in Schools

A cell phone tracker online app can alleviate a parent’s constant worry about how her children are doing. It is a given that a parent cannot be with her child 24X7, especially when they are at school. So, the best … Continue reading →
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Access android phone texts remotely using Easy logger

Remotely access text messages from any Android phone
Is it possible to remotely access someone’s text conversations using my phone? Yes, it is. With Easy Logger installed on your target phone, you will be able to virtually access everything on the target phone including text messages, call history, …...
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Tracking Spouse’s Phone. Why not to be sneaky!

Global positioning systems and technology in general are improving at lightning speeds. Nowadays, mobile applications that can track a person’s movements and even their phone activities are popping up like mushrooms in app stores and online. It is tougher...
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