What Is Geofencing And Why Do You Need It

From alerting customers to sending sales promotions to keeping track of employees, Geofencing is gaining traction in commercial use. It is also getting popular as a valuable parental tech tool for monitoring kids whereabouts.

Geofences are imaginary boundaries or a virtual barrier that can be set up, allowing users to trigger notifications when someone enters or leaves the predetermined area. Geofencing uses GPS technology to define a geographical boundary or a virtual barrier. Put simply; Geofences can be a simple circumference around a specific point on a map. Easy Logger can be configured to send geofence alerts when a device enters or exits a geographical location.

Why do you need Geo-fencing?

For parents:

What Is Geofencing And Why Do You Need It

Teens are adventurous, and they don’t care about the risks involved. Easy Logger lets you define places that you think are unsafe for your kids like downtown casinos, gaming spots, bars, and instantly know if they wander down the shady areas. By marking unsafe areas on the map, Easy Logger ensures that your child stays away from unsecured places, and you get notified if they do.

Framing the boundaries around a school, home, and playgrounds through Easy Logger helps parents to know the live location of their children. Most parents love the reassurance of that simple email that tells them when their child reaches the school.

Setting up geofencing for your teen who has just started driving is also a smart move. It lets you know whether your kid at the wheel is off his or her permissible grid. Easy Logger will instantly send you geofence alerts the moment the vehicle leaves its authorized zone or arrives at a geofenced “off-limits” area.

It is always good to be one step ahead of your kids when it comes to technology. Setting up our own virtual perimeters for your kids can help parents keep them secure.

For logistic companies:

What Is Geofencing And Why Do You Need It

Geofencing is a valuable tool for logistics companies to track fleet vehicles. Easy Logger lets you create virtual boundaries around specific geographic locations such as warehouses, distribution centers, and delivery destinations. From there, you can track vehicle fleets, entry & exit times, driver behavior, and more within the geofenced area. You receive notifications when a vehicle departs or enters an assigned boundary, allowing you to improve schedules and planning, as well as identify any assets that are being misused.

Setting delivery notifications through geofencing can help you offer a higher level of customer service. Using Easy Logger, you can ensure your drivers are staying on task and track performance against service level expectations. You can understand if a shipment or delivery is going to be late and proactively reach out to your clients/customers and give them an accurate, updated arrival time.

Geofence is also a valuable tool for fleet protection and security. Creating a geofence lets you monitor when any vehicle leaves a designated area. It helps to massively improve response times by providing accurate information to law enforcement that increases the likelihood of recovering stolen assets.

For businesses:

What Is Geofencing And Why Do You Need It

Businesses that have employees working remotely have always faced challenges when it comes to not just tracking their employees’ time, but ensuring they are where they actually say they are. By using geofencing technology, businesses can digitally set boundaries for their employees, to help to keep track of employee time, making it easier for both the employer and the employee. Companies can use Easy Logger to:

  • Knowing whether workers are within the job sites when they are supposed to be
  • Letting employees know whether they are in the right location for a job
  • Starting and stopping the time clock when employees enter and exit the boundary

Geofencing not only keeps workers accountable for their whereabouts, but it also helps managers not to keep a constant check to ensure they are where they’re supposed to be. This is an extremely useful feature for larger companies that have multiple job sites at different locations.

Having the ability to track your children’s phone, employees, or your fleet with a relatively inexpensive system is a godsend. You may also use geofencing to track other family members such as a wandering grandpa with Alzheimer’s or very young, overly curious children who are in places they are not supposed to be. Download Easy Logger today!