Rebuild Trust with Your Spouse with a Free SMS Tracking App

If you are here searching for a free SMS tracker app, it may be because you are going through a difficult period in your relationship, or you have suspicions that your spouse may be cheating. Perhaps you’ve even discovered inappropriate text messages on the phone. Many women and men have found themselves in this position, and your concerns and suspicions might not be unwarranted. Unfortunately, many find out the hard way that their spouses have been cheating and want to install a Hidden SMS Tracker to spy on text messages. If, however, you are only suspicious that your spouse is straying, installing a hidden SMS tracker can lead to further distrust in the relationship if it is discovered. After all, a relationship without trust is a relationship doomed to fail, and we never condone the use of the Easy Logger free mobile tracking app as a secret means to spy on anyone. Installing a Hidden SMS Tracker on both of your cellphones openly and honestly will help rebuild the trust that may have been lost with your spouse while helping to prevent any mistrust it may cause him to have with you.

Reasons that Make Easy Logger the Best Hidden SMS Tracking App for you

Reputable and Reliable

Reputable and reliable hidden SMS tracking appThere are currently 10s of thousands of mobile phones worldwide utilizing the benefits of the Easy Logger app because it is one of the largest and most reliable SMS tracker apps in the world. A good portion of these users installed the app because they had suspicions about their partners’ activities and whereabouts. After using the app, many have discovered that their fears were unfounded, and trust was easily rebuilt after access was given to text messages, app usage, phone calls and other online activities. The Easy Logger app has helped to save thousands of relationships over the years.

Mobile Web App

Simple and easy-to-use free Mobile web appEasy Logger is a simple and easy-to-use free mobile app that can be downloaded to any device you own. It has been used regularly to monitor elderly parents and children who actively use the internet, as well as spouses who are suspected of cheating or inappropriate behaviour online. The app is also great for lower-end or older mobile devices as it needs minimal CPU or memory – less than 10 megabytes – and can be used on almost any phone configuration.

Data Privacy

Easy Logger app ensure your data remains private and secureEasy Logger collects only minimal information during app registration to keep your identity completely private. We never gather any form of personal data from within the app and only collect application usage statistics. The app is fully hosted and managed on a professional Cloud environment to ensure your data remains private and secure.

Call Tracking

Rebuilding trust with your partner using the call tracking featureOne of the top features of the Easy Logger app is a call log that allows you to see a complete history of every call on the target device that includes the date, location of where the call was made or received, phone number, name and call duration, even when the calls have been deleted, making it one of the most powerful call tracking tools available on the market today. Knowing how and when calls are made goes a long way in rebuilding trust with your partner.

Hidden SMS Tracker

Hidden SMS tracking app - Easy loggerYou can discreetly access the app through the online cloud control panel by setting up a secret code. The app remains hidden from view, allowing you to easily track cell phone usage, even when you don’t have physical access to the target device.

Live Location Tracking

Easy Logger app gives you the ability to track the live location at any given timeThe Easy Logger app gives you the ability to know the phone’s live location at any given time. You gain peace of mind knowing that your partner is where they say they are. You can view a detailed report of each location visited and the amount of time spent there to better understand what your spouse is doing.


Check when someone enters or exits a predetermined area using Geo-fencingGeofences are virtual boundaries set up to allow users to see when someone enters or exits a predetermined area. Put simply, a geofence can be a simple circumference set around a specific point on a map. Alerts can then be configured to send notifications when the target device goes outside of those boundaries. For example, if your spouse leaves for work early, you will receive an alert if they stray outside of the preset route to the job site, enabling you to know if they are leaving early for the reasons they say they are.

About Easy Logger

Easy Logger app a powerful tool for tracking and monitoring mobile devices

The Easy Logger app allows you to track the whereabouts of your loved ones to ensure their safety, as well as rebuild trust with your partner. As one of the most versatile phone trackers available on the market, this free SMS tracker is a powerful tool for tracking and monitoring mobile device usage.

The ability to keep tabs on your spouse or significant other can often be enlightening. This undetectable phone tracker app lets you keep up with the lives of your loved ones while rebuilding trust within the relationship. Download the free Easy Logger today!