Real Time GPS Tracker App

If you think that the GPS apps are only useful for helping with the basic navigation and driving directions, give it a second thought.  Easy Logger, a real time GPS tracker, puts your Android phone to good use. Whether you are sailing, trying to locate your child’s whereabouts, or going on a long vacation, you can count on Easy Logger to help you through your every task.

Here are some of the cool ways to use the real-time GPS features of Easy Logger:

  1. Sometimes you need to let other people know your exact location when visiting your friends or relatives. You could make a bunch of calls, or send multiple texts or emails updating where you are and where you are headed, but it’s a constant, tiring process. Or you can simply download Easy Logger on the Android phone, to let the other person keep a live track of your whereabouts.
  2. “It’s two in the night, and still my child has not arrived home.” — This is the most common concern parents deal with when living with teens. But Easy Logger takes some of the worry out of your kids staying late outside and lets you know the exact location of your kid, in real time, so you can get undisturbed sleep. It is equally useful, when you have kids driving long distances from college to home. You can accurately judge their location, and determine when to expect them home.
  3. GPS trackers are a boon for sales companies, as tracking customer service is made easier with the GPS app. When installed on your drivers’ Android phone, you can instantly notify your customer when your sales personnel or driver will reach their home. Or, tell your customers when to expect their delivery, and get instantly praised for your customer service. The app is ideal if you run a delivery service, courier business, or rental business.
  4. For employers, who have a large fleet of vehicles, GPS trackers allow you to know how fast your drivers are driving, how many breaks they take, and are they really where they are supposed to be!  It makes your  work really easy without constantly worrying about the location of your drivers. Also, GPS trackers work as a mileage calculator letting you know the best routes to take and calculate the mileage for each route, helping you save the precious dollars and keep your overheads under control.
  5. Whether you are taking a vacation in a big, bustling city, or in the dark and deep woods, you will find Easy Logger as your ideal travelling partner. Now never worry about getting lost or trying to coordinate with a large group of people; simply install Easy Logger on all the Android phones, and stay connected in real time.
  6. Taking care of your elderly, especially when they live in nursing homes or senior homes, can prove to be a difficult task. Easy Logger can help you to remain in contact with your loved ones. As Easy Logger is much more than a GPS tracker app, you can also keep a track of all calls and text messages made from your near one’s phones, helping you protect them from any unwarranted activities such as fraudulent credit card companies or online predators.

Easy Logger adds simplicity to the tedious chores, so you can focus on what you love the most. It keeps all the worries and confusion at the bay, allowing you carry your day-to-day tasks in a jiffy. Available in both free and pro versions, Easy Logger aims to make your life easier.