Cell phone tracker and monitoring app features

Cell Phone Monitoring

Reports on phone calls.

  • Tracks who was called from the phone.
  • Tracks who called the phone.
  • Tracks phone calls even if logs were deleted.
  • Tracks the exact time when the call was made and when disconnected.
  • Tracks the location where and when the call was made.
  • If the call is not received it will show as a MISSED CALL under the duration column.
  • If the call is disconnected by the receiver it will display NO ANSWER under the duration column.

Reports on text messages.

  • Tracks outgoing text messages.
  • Tracks incoming text messages.
  • Tracks text messages even if they are deleted from the phone.
  • Tracks the geographical location of the phone when the text was sent or received.

Texts logger
Logs application usage details

Logging application usage details.

  • Tracks all the applications accessed on the phone.
  • Reports on the amount of time spent on each of the applications.
  • Report on memory utilization per application.

Live location tracking.

  • Reports the current live location of the phone.
  • Lists location coordinates where calls and texts took place.
  • Shows live location trail from point to point on a Google map.
  • Historical location data to analyse past trails.
  • Reporting on device altitude.
  • 24/7 real time phone tracker app.

Locate a Cell Phone
Receive email alerts

Receive email alerts.

  • Easy logger is removed.
  • A new application is installed.
  • An application is removed.

Hide app option available.

  • Hides the app from view on the phone.
  • Discrete cell phone monitoring.
  • Access the app by dialing a secret code that you setup.
  • The online cloud control panel enables hiding the app without access to the phone.

Hidden Phone Tracker App
Strong privacy settings

Strong privacy.

  • We collect minimal information during registration to keep your identity private.
  • Call and text logs are saved only with a connection to the IMEI number.
  • Location logs refer to the IMEI number instead of the phone number.
  • App does not collect data from within the application, we collect only application usage statistics.
  • Logs and account information is kept encrypted.

Minimal Data usage with Battery safe operations.

  • Data transfer takes place only when logged data is available.
  • Location tracking uses battery safe mode.
  • Data transferred is compressed to save bandwidth.
  • Single thread application that takes very small amount of memory.
  • Data processing and crunching happens on the Cloud leaving the phone to simply gather and send logs.

Minimal Data usage with Battery safe operations
Strong security measures

Security measures to protect your data.

  • Strong passwords are mandatory for all accounts to secure access.
  • All transactions are 256bit encrypted.
  • The system is fully managed and hosted on professional Cloud environment.
  • Scheduled security checks for optimum software performance.

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