Cell phone tracker and monitoring app features

Reports on phone calls

  • Tracks who was called from the phone.
  • Tracks who called the phone.
  • Tracks phone calls even if logs were deleted.
  • Tracks the exact time when the call was made and when disconnected.
  • Tracks the location where and when the call was made.
  • If the call is not received it will show as a MISSED CALL under the duration column.
  • If the call is disconnected by the receiver it will display NO ANSWER under the duration column.

Reports on text messages

  • Tracks outgoing text messages.
  • Tracks incoming text messages.
  • Tracks text messages even if they are deleted from the phone.
  • Tracks the geographical location of the phone when the text was sent or received.

App usage tracker with background app reports

  • Tracks all the applications accessed on the phone.
  • Reports on the amount of time spent on each of the applications.
  • Report on memory utilization per application.
  • Reports on all background apps and the time they ran.

Live location tracking

  • Reports the current live location of the phone.
  • Lists location coordinates where calls and texts took place.
  • Shows live location trail from point to point on a Google map.
  • Historical location data to analyze past trails.
  • Reporting on device altitude.
  • 24/7 real-time phone tracker app.


  • Create a Geo-fence of any size directly on the map.
  • Receive alerts on Geo-fence entry.
  • Receive alerts on Geo-fence exit.
  • 24/7 real-time tracking.

Hide app option available

  • Hides the app from view on the phone.
  • Discrete cell phone monitoring.
  • Access the app by dialing a secret code that you set up.
  • The online cloud control panel enables hiding the app without access to the phone.

Inactivity tracker alerts

  • Monitors phone activity and inactivity.
  • Alerts you when the phone has not been used for a configurable number of hours.
  • Includes the current device location in the alert email.

Receive app install/uninstall alerts over email

  • Alerts when the Easy logger is removed.
  • Alert on every app installation with a link to the app installed.
  • Alert on every app removal with a link to the app installed.

Fall tracker alerts

  • Constantly tracks if there is a sudden fall.
  • Alerts you when a fall is detected.
  • Includes the location where the device has fallen.

Strong privacy

  • We collect minimal information during registration to keep your identity private.
  • Call and text logs are saved only with a connection to the IMEI number.
  • Location logs refer to the IMEI number instead of the phone number.
  • App does not collect data from within the application, we collect only application usage statistics.
  • Logs and account information is kept encrypted.

Minimal data usage with battery safe operations

  • Data transfer takes place only when logged data is available.
  • Location tracking uses a battery safe mode.
  • Data transferred is compressed to save bandwidth.
  • Single thread application that takes a very small amount of memory.
  • Data processing and crunching happen on the Cloud leaving the phone to simply gather and send logs.

Security measures to protect your data

  • Strong passwords are mandatory for all accounts to secure access.
  • All transactions are 256bit encrypted.
  • The system is fully managed and hosted on professional Cloud environment.
  • Scheduled security checks for optimum software performance.

The Easy logger is the most versatile cell phone tracker available for monitoring Android cell phones in the market today, use it as a free SMS tracker, a powerful phone tracker, or for general cell phone monitoring. The software is stable on all Android versions, it is hosted on the cloud and used by over 1 million users across the world.

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