Free Mobile Tracking App: A healthy Way To Check On Your Partner?

Easy Logger is an easy to install free mobile tracking and surveillance app that anyone can download on devices that they own. This simple app has been used regularly to monitor everyone from elderly parents and children actively using internet connected devices to cheating spouses and partners.

Some of the most common questions we get asked are, “Can I use Easy Logger to spy on my partner?” or “How do I track my spouse with this app?” While we understand that this is a common concern, it is unfortunately not the answer to your problem. It is illegal in most states to track an individual without their consent. If the app is detected by your partner without prior knowledge it can cause serious, if not irreparable, damage to your relationship.

When you have a suspicion that your partner may be cheating or is involved in some other illicit activity, your first thought may be to attempt to track their mobile device to find out what they are actually up to. If you are truly invested in your relationship, however, you must first realize that this is an issue that you need to work out with your partner. Honest and clear communication about your concerns is most often the first step in saving a relationship. A relationship without trust is a relationship doomed to fail, and we never condone the use of the Easy Logger free mobile tracking app as a hidden means to spy on anyone.

We do, however, encourage couples to install the Easy Logger app on each other’s mobile devices, with logs configured to email phone activities and locations to each other. By doing so, couples can easily rebuild trust and regain the peace of mind that their partner is where they say they are and they are interacting online in an appropriate manner. This builds trust without the need for spying. We’ve heard a lot of success stories from couples who have used the Easy Logger App to increase open communication with each other.

Couples benefit from knowing more of what is going on in their partner’s life by reviewing activity logs, but there are other benefits as well. Common uses include lost phone location, meeting up at any location without the need for directions because you can see each other on the map, and keeping control of phone expenses.

Today, 10’s thousands of phones around the globe are using Easy Logger because it is one of the largest phone tracking systems in the world. A large chunk of these users are suspicious of their partner’s activities, and after using the app discovered things weren’t as bad as they appeared to be. We take pride in saving thousands of relationships.

Why Users are Choosing Easy Logger to Track Their Partner’s Phone

Free Mobile Tracking App: A healthy Way To Check On Your Partner?

100% Data Security – We only collect application usage statistics and never collect any form of personal data from within the app. During registration, Easy Logger collects only minimal information to keep your identity completely private. Your personal data remains private because the app is fully hosted and managed on a professional Cloud environment.

Outstanding Features – The Easy Logger app is loaded with features that allow you to view every bit of data on your partner’s phone. Geofence mapping allows you to set boundaries on the device to be alerted when the phone enters or exits the boundaries. You can view the phone’s live location, monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls and DM’s – even if they have been deleted.

Hide option available – The online cloud control panel allows you to hide the Easy Logger app, even if you don’t have physical access to the phone. You can discreetly access the app you set up with a secret code. The app remains hidden from view, making cell phone tracking an easy task.

Easy Logger, a free mobile tracking app makes it simple for partners to gain a better understanding of each other and build trust within the relationship because it is effective, inexpensive and easy to install and use.