Why Parents Must Consider Social Media Monitoring of their Kids

There is no doubt that social media has made life better by allowing us to stay connected to people who matter. But it has also created challenges—especially for parents who are worried about the social media activities of their kids and teens. Do you want to know if your children are using the internet responsibly, productively, and safely? Then it’s time to use a teen tracker app.

Like many parents, you are probably wondering: Is it okay to monitor your kids’ social media and internet usage? Or are you invading their privacy and personal space? If you want to protect your kids from potential dangers like cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate content, and sexual predators, then cell phone tracking is important. Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why it makes sense for parents to consider social media monitoring:

Everything on the internet is permanent

Many kids don’t realize that all the things they post online remain permanently recorded even if they delete those posts later on. The content remains stored in the social media site’s database. Aside from this, other users can quickly save or screen-grab their posts—which means that any regrettable video or photo can be quickly shared.

And then there’s the fact that your child won’t be the same person down the line. They’ll grow up and their life will unfold before them. Inappropriate posts they made in the past can be discovered by a potential school or employer, and this could limit their opportunities. A teen tracker app can help you regulate what your children are doing online.

Sexual predators

A sexual predator is usually a stranger who targets children and teens on social media platforms in an attempt to start a relationship with them. They intend to sexually abuse kids or coerce kids to take inappropriate photos or videos of themselves to be sold on the dark web. At times, sexual predators can turn out to be a family member or someone from the local community. Cell phone tracking can help parents identify any red flags and put an end to abuse before it even starts.


Monitoring the social media activity of your children allows you to see if they are being bullied online, or if they are bullying others. You can then step in and handle the situation appropriately.


Sexting involves sending and receiving sexually explicit text messages. Like everything that goes online, these texts never permanently go away even when deleted from the device. Kids lack enough experience in life to truly comprehend the negative consequences of sexting down the line. For instance, it may compromise their real-world and online reputation and put them at risk of being bullied, blackmailed, or exposed to sexual predators. In severe cases, kids may be subject to legal action and deal with court charges, which may stay on their record forever.

Do your part in protecting your kids

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to look after your kids and keep them safe online. This is why it’s important to establish an open and honest relationship with your kids, so they’ll be comfortable talking to you about their digital lives. You can also use a teen tracker app like Easy Logger to track your children’s text messages and social media usage.

Easy Logger is an app that reports on texts and phone calls. It also comes with an app usage tracker with background app reports. This cell phone tracking app even offers other essential features for ensuring the safety of your children, such as geo-fencing, inactivity tracking, app installation and uninstall alerts, and fall tracker alerts. Download now.