5 Remarkable Benefits of Location tracking with History

GPS tracking systems keep evolving, and they continue to prove valuable in a variety of situations, improving the safety of millions of people around the world. Easy Logger offers the safest location tracking platform, which keeps you updated about your loved ones no matter where they are or how far they are from your reach. Our innovative features are designed to suit diverse purposes – protecting your valuable assets, rescuing children, monitoring teen driving, preventing the elderly from any danger, and more. An extra layer of safety is provided by offering a detailed report of the locations visited with the amount of time spent at each location – to understand what your loved ones or employees are doing at each moment.

5 Remarkable Benefits of Location Tracking with History

Fleet Management

5 Remarkable Benefits of Location tracking with History

For any transportation company, your business is only as strong as your drivers and fleet. From packing to final delivery, real-time location tracking can help prevent missed deadlines, lead to better customer service, and improve your systems to give you a leg up on your competition.

With Easy Logger’s history reports, you can have a better understanding of speeding and idling to help you enforce policies that ensure the safety of your drivers. Easy Logger lets you review the list of physical addresses visited with the amount of time spent at every location, making it easy for you to keep an eye on drivers and vehicle’s movement. Location history reports can also help you keep track of any route deviation and unauthorized work stoppage.

With numerous vehicles in a fleet, tight deadlines, and overlapping projects, scheduling can be a nightmare in the transportation industries. Easy Logger lets you plan the fastest routes to help reduce fuel consumption, cut down the wear and tear on the vehicles, increase the lifespan of your fleet, and save you money in the long run.

With Easy Logger’s locating tracking feature, you’re virtually riding shotgun with all your drivers all the time. Several logistics and sales companies trust the Easy Logger for monitoring their on-the-go employees, drivers, and sales personnel.

Customer Service

5 Remarkable Benefits of Location tracking with History

Fostering better relations with your customers is made easier with Easy Logger. When installed on your driver’s phone, you can send updates to your customers when sales personnel or drivers will reach their location. You can also use Easy Logger’s live updates about your driver’s location to inform your customers when to expect their delivery and get instant brownie points for your efficient customer service. Easy Logger offers you the potential to up your customer service game and avail numerous benefits at the same time.

Children Safety

5 Remarkable Benefits of Location tracking with History

Parenting comes with a wide range of challenges, and perhaps the hardest is making sure your child is safe when you’re not around. For teens at the crossroads of childhood and adulthood, a live location tracker app might just be the technology you need. It will help them feel more independent while allowing you to be on their side, albeit virtually.

Using Easy Logger, family members have access to frequent and reliable updates on the whereabouts of your child. The live location trail enables you to keep track in real-time of the location of your children from point to point on a Google map.

With location history reports, you can go through their day and understand where and how long they have spent time at each location, giving you absolute control over your kid’s life. Whether your child is studying in a big, bustling city, or camping in the dark, deep woods, Easy Logger lets you stay with them on every little journey they take. Knowing that you will be able to locate your kid in a matter of seconds using a smartphone, parents can have the peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe and sound.

Emergency Care

Thinking about worst-case scenarios is never fun, but having a plan of action, can promote security and safety if anything was to happen. Easy Logger makes it simple, fast & convenient to track your family member or company’s vehicles and notify emergency services (police and security, fire and rescue, medical) to send help when you need it most.

Family Care

The beauty behind the live location tracking lies in the fact that it helps users lessen some of the anxiousness, concern, distress associated with loved ones. Whether you have a partner that travels frequently, a teen who is enjoying a hectic social life, or an elderly who is living independently- Easy Logger can help you stay connected with your loved ones.

This simple app lets you follow the movement of your loved ones, and gives you the assurance that you are near to your closed ones. You can use location tracking history to retrace your steps to and remember where your loved ones were yesterday, the day before yesterday, or a year ago. The app lets you receive the essential reports, such as the exact location of your loved ones, and time spent at each location – in one place. A live location tracker like Easy Logger can benefit the entire family for years to come.

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