Remotely access text messages from any Android phone

Is it possible to remotely access someone’s text conversations using my phone? Yes, it is.
With Easy Logger installed on your target phone, you will be able to virtually access everything on the target phone including text messages, call history, GPS location, Geofence alerts, and more without having to look in its messaging app. Everything is accessible right from your cell phone. The phone in question can be on a business trip, attending a school, or miles away from you, and still tracks every single outgoing/incoming message even the ones that are deleted from the phone. What’s more, it also lets you track the geographical location of the phone when the text was sent or received.

All you need in an active Internet connection, and you are set!
Easy Logger works seamlessly with Android operating systems -making it incredibly simple for anyone to monitor any Android device.

Easy Logger is welcome news for parents who can install it on their kids’ Android phones to ensure that they are safe and sound when they are out and about… as well when they are home. Tracking messages on their Android phones lets parents know if their kids are doing something inappropriate like taking indecent selfies, sexting someone, experimenting with drugs, or if they are being targeted by sexual predators, bullies, etc. Easy Logger is also a boon for employees who give Android smartphones to their employees for the official purpose. This nifty app offers them direct access to those devices to see that the employers are using their phones only for business use and everyone is doing their job.

Easy Logger lets you view every text message that is sent or received from the target phone. You will be able to see the telephone number from which the messages were received or the telephone number that sent the message, in addition to the location, date, and time when the text was sent or received.

Easy Logger is easy to install and so simple to operate that is no surprise why so many users trust it for monitoring everyone in their care. It’s trustworthy, always reliable, and completely undetectable – making it a perfect SMS tracker for everyone who requires it. And in this world filled with chaos and mistrust, believe us, everyone needs it.

Combined with its superior functionality, ease-of-use, exceptional customer support, and best of all,  it’s FREE features- Easy Logger is the top choice for a reliable SMS tracker.