How do I track my boy friend or husband

The Easy logger has often been used to catch cheating spouses, boyfriends and illegal activity, from mothers to girl friends and the elderly all use the Easy logger as a simple phone surveillance app on devices that they own.

We are often faced with this question, how do I track my boy friend or how do I track my husband, users look for a spy app that they can install on their boy friends or husbands phone and keep a tab on their whereabouts. Although this is very common question a phone spy app is not the answer to the problem you are facing. Tracking an individual without their consent is not legal in most states and can cause irreparable damage to the relationship if the app is detected.

The suspicion of illicit activity can drive you to try and track your boyfriend but ultimately if you are invested in the relationship you must see it as a problem that you both need to work on. Being open, frank and clearly communicating apprehensions can often help save a relationship.

A relationship without trust is practically no relationship at all. We do not condone use of the Easy logger as a spy app or a hidden surveillance app.

We have seen a lot of success when couples install the Easy logger on both their phones and configuring the logs to be mailed to each other. This builds trust making the relationship stronger without the need for spying, surveillance or bugging the phone.

Not only do couples benefit from knowing more about what’s going on in their spouses life they can review location logs for a variety of common needs like lost phones, meeting up at a specific location without directions as you know where you spouse is on the map and keeping a tab on phone expenses too.

10000s of phones across the world run the Easy logger today, we are one of the largest professional phone tracking systems in the world, a good portion of these users are jealous spouses who use the app for a while and give up when they find or do not find what they are looking for. We take pride in saving countless relationships.

Why Women are Choosing Easy Logger to Track Their Husband’s Phone

100% Data Security
We do not collect data from within the application but collect only application usage statistics. Easy Logger collects only minimal information during registration to keep your identity completely private. The app is fully managed and hosted on a professional Cloud environment, so your personal data remains private.

Amazing Features
Easy Logger is loaded with features to ensure that you can view every bit of data on your husband’s phone. You can set boundaries on your husband’s phone on the map with Geofencing, receive the phone’s live location, track outgoing and incoming messages – even the ones that are deleted, track deleted phone calls, and much more.

Hide option available
You can hide Easy Logger using the online cloud control panel even when you don’t have access to the phone. With a secret code, you can discreetly access the app that you set up. As the app remains hidden from the view, it makes tracking your husband’s cell phone a fairly easy task.

Concerned wives and girlfriends can readily use Easy Logger because it is inexpensive, honest, and effective – so you can make your relationship stronger than ever.

Installing the Easy logger is simple, use the steps on the page linked below and you would have configured the most powerful and easy to use phone logger in seconds.

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