Phone tracker APK

The Easy logger is a simpler SMS tracker that was built for both personal and professional use. Deploying on 100s of company phones is easier with a simple APK download. All versions of the Easy logger are linked below ready to download. The installation process is easy, download using the link below, install, create an account and start receiving emails for all the calls and SMS messages exchanged on the phone. Upgrade to the Easy logger phone tracker for location tracking, app usage tracking, and deleted messages tracking too.

Download Easy logger SMS Tracker APK free

This is the free SMS tracker used on over 100,000 phones in 97 countries, simply click on the link, download, and install.

Download Easy logger Pro Phone tracker APK

Easy logger Phone tracker is one of the most powerful phone trackers available on the Android platform, from tracking text messages, phone calls, location and apps the Easy logger Pro system runs on a powerful cloud platform to deliver consistent and stable performance for large corporations worldwide.

Download Easy logger Pro Invisible Phone tracker APK

The invisible phone tracker includes all the features of the Easy logger Pro in addition to the ability to be hidden on the phone, this version is often used by Phone manufacturers and large corporations to install the app on company-owned phones. Also used by parents to install on phones they purchase for their children.