Best GPS Tracking App to Locate your Vehicles - Easy Logger

Innovative breakthroughs in the mobile app domain have widely influenced the entire spectrum of enterprise companies, service industries, as well as customers. Digital solutions have swept deeply through transportation and logistics companies. Having a location tracking app helps transportation and logistics companies unlock the potential of robust mobile technologies and attain speed, efficacy, and stability in the business.

Easy Logger, with more than 1 million downloads, has proved to be one of the best GPS tracking app to easily locate your vehicles, track your children’s school buses, effectively plan drivers’ assignments, and manage costs.

Fleet management
For companies that have a large fleet of vehicles, vehicle tracking device helps you to understand how many breaks your drivers are taking, how fast they are driving, and are they really reaching where they are supposed to. It also makes fleet management simple, without constantly worrying about the location of your drivers. Advanced GPS business solutions give you access to connect with your fleet through constant 2-way communication, letting you instantly communicate with your drivers if there are any changes in the delivery routes.

Mileage Calculator
GPS trackers also work as a mileage calculator, letting you plan the best route to save distance traveled and calculated mileage for each route. By identifying the shortest routes to reach the destinations, you can also enhance fuel efficiency, save thousands of dollars, and keep your overheads strictly under control.

Customer service
Tracking customer service is made easier with Easy Logger. When installed on your driver’s phone, you can directly notify your customer when your driver or sales personnel will reach their destination. You can also inform your customers when to expect their delivery, and get instant brownie points for your efficient customer service. Easy Logger offers you the potential to change your business drastically and avail numerous advantages at the same time.

Enhance the performance and drivers safety
It goes without saying that drivers are the real backbone of any transportation industry. This is especially crucial for school drivers when the safety of both children and drivers is of utmost importance. Easy Logger helps you continuously monitor your team of drivers and remain updated about their whereabouts, keep an eye on rash driving and speeding, and ensure the overall safety and security of the drivers. It also helps to build trust between you and drivers leaving no scope for any suspicion. You can also identify drivers who exhibit superior driving skills and offer incentives to boost the morale of your team.

Highly efficient
A vehicle location tracker helps provides real-time updates on your phone to facilitate quick decision making. It helps to automate the entire process and update the real-time location directly on your phone, helping you to make decisions in split seconds. This helps to eliminate the need for additional paperwork, letting you focus on your core business activities.

Easy Logger comes with a plethora of benefits that has the potential to transform your business holistically. Download today!