5 Ways for Businesses to Save Money Using a GPS Tracking App

One of the greatest technological innovations of our time is GPS and GPS tracking. Today, many applications that we rely on daily are backed by GPS, and it has been changing the business landscape across multiple industries for years. Thanks to the innovation of GPS, businesses can navigate, track, and locate assets and products effectively. It has become the backbone of various industries over the years, thanks in part to the money it ultimately helps to save companies and maximize profitability.
Major industries like transportation, farming, supply chain management, and communications rely greatly on equipment connected with GPS tracking apps, and it is considered to be the heart of their operations infrastructure. Without the use of this technology, these industries could not operate effectively in the modern world. It allows functionality with precision timing and geolocation.

Thanks to devices like smartphones and dedicated GPS devices, GPS technology is now available to the masses, revolutionizing the way we conduct our lives – both personal and professional – making possible the rise of an on-demand economy. Modern consumers demand digital applications that are convenient, immediate, and accurate. Many of these applications rely on GPS technology to deliver just that.

As a business owner, you understand how overhead costs and expenses can eat into profits, making it difficult to keep your day to day operations running smoothly. By investing in technologies that allow you to streamline your daily functions, you not only make business operations run smoother and more efficiently, you can save time and money as well. GPS may be nothing new, but the more recent and advanced features it now provides can save you a great deal of money.

We’ve listed below 5 of the top ways GPS tracking can save you money:

 5 Ways for Businesses to Save Money Using a GPS Tracking App

1. Increased Navigational Efficiency and Productivity

By providing a digital platform to efficiently and precisely manage your fleet, GPS location services allow companies to quickly locate and dispatch vehicles as needed to service points. Through a GPS tracker app, you can now see which of your vehicles is closest to the area where service is needed, saving you money on fuel consumption and time in pay to your employees. This can free up time to increase the number of service calls you can respond to in a day, increasing profitability through increased productivity.

GPS also guides your drivers on the road to their destination, preventing them from getting lost in an unfamiliar area, or alerting them to unexpected traffic conditions. This allows them to accurately manage their time and provide an estimated time of arrival to customers.

2. Better Accountability

Good driving behavior is probably one of the most important aspects of fleet management, and could possibly make or break the reputation of your business. It can greatly improve productivity and proficiency, prevent accidents, and avoid unnecessary traffic violations. Responsible drivers can improve fuel efficiency for the entire fleet, saving you a fortune in overhead fuel costs. GPS tracker apps can alert you to predefined metrics like acceleration, sudden braking, speeding, idle time, and more.

How do you really know if your driver is where they say they are? A good GPS tracker app allows you to accurately monitor and find your fleet vehicles at any given time. When a driver knows they are being monitored, they are less likely to take extended breaks on company time, use the vehicle for side jobs, or stay at a particular location longer than they should. GPS trackers can greatly improve employee accountability, preventing misuse of company vehicles.

3. Better Customer Service

As consumers have become more and more accustomed to instant access to everything, they have also become more demanding in the time they are willing to wait on a service tech to show up and fix an issue. Punctuality is not only important for your business reputation, it is also demanded by your customers. As customer expectation continues to increase, you may find it hard to keep up. With so much competition available these days, customers tend to be more unforgiving.

With GPS fleet management, you can dispatch your couriers and service techs much more efficiently by allowing them to navigate with ease and clarity. Gone are the days when your drivers had to call customers for exact directions. Thanks to GPS technologies, your drivers can also communicate with clients directly, giving them updates on arrival times or delays. A recent study showed that 73% of customers would use the business or service again if kept accurately informed of updates on arrival times.

4. Lower Insurance Premiums

As your fleet continues to expand, so does the cost it takes to insure them. In the US, GPS tracked vehicles are considered to be a lower risk to insurers, and insurance companies like AAA, Liberty Mutual, and USAA offer discounts that range from 18% to 33%. With GPS tracking, the chance of vehicle recovery increases significantly while greatly lowering the chance of theft in the first place. GPS tracking solutions can also reduce the chances of accidents through driver behavior monitoring and detection of reckless driving habits.

5. Preventing Employee-related Frauds

Employees have been known to abuse company-owned vehicles, and this only adds to your overall expense. If a driver manages to make a delivery or finish a service call ahead of time, they take advantage of the time left to run personal errands. They may use the vehicle after hours for personal transportation and bill you for the cost of gas. Claiming overtime hours has also been known to happen when an employee isn’t held accountable by a GPS tracker.

With real-time GPS tracking, you will always know when your employees are not using company vehicles in the manner intended. YOu can rest assured they are where they say they are when they say they are there. Break times and overtime hours can also effectively be monitored. Fostering better relationships with your employees and your customers is made easier with Easy Logger. When installed on your driver’s phone, you can easily send updates to your customers, alerting them to when sales personnel or drivers will reach their location. Easy Logger provides you with the potential to up your customer service game while providing numerous cost-saving benefits at the same time.

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