Phone Call Tracking - Gain deeper insights on your sales and marketing efforts

One of the products you should consider for your business is the cell phone tracker. After all, you can never truly tell what your employees are up to and what they are doing unless you can effectively monitor their activities, starting with their calls. It’s even more important to get a phone tracker online if you provide your employees with company phones, which they can use whenever they are on the field or working from a remote location.

Apart from helping you track your team, a cell phone tracking solution may also be useful in monitoring your marketing and sales campaigns that are done by phone. Here is a more detailed look at the benefits of using a phone tracker in your business:

Get to know the people calling your company
The cell phone tracker will be helpful in acquiring information about your target audience, particularly the times they usually call and their location when getting in touch with you. One of the most innovative phone trackers can track who was called, who called, and keep logs even if the main ones have been deleted. It can also reveal information, such as when the call has been disconnected or has not been answered or missed.

Phone Call Tracking - Gain deeper insights on your sales and marketing effortsGain deeper insights on your sales and marketing efforts
Cell phone tracking may be helpful in identifying which promotional venues are obtaining the best leads that can boost your conversion rates. When you monitor and track calls, you can see more into your marketing ROI and make more informed decisions on how and where you can help your customers.

Know where your employees are
A reliable phone tracker has live location tracking and geo-fencing to help you determine where your team is when they are on the field. If the tracker shows you that they are not where they are supposed to be, you can take action immediately. These features may also be helpful in ensuring their safety.

Keep up with phone usage
With a phone tracker online, you can observe phone calls that have been triggered by certain campaigns presented at specific times and locations. This can give you critical insight on the link among your marketing channels. Some phone tracking apps have a feature that lets you monitor application usage, too, and they will deliver reports on the amount of time your employees are spending on every application.

Protect your data and privacy
A good cell phone tracker collects minimal information from you when you register for the service. This helps ensure privacy, not just for you, but also for your users. All accounts are password-protected, transactions are encrypted, and scheduled security checks are conducted to ensure optimum software performance. Apps like Easy Logger process and crunch data on the Cloud, so phones only gather and send the logs.