Driver Tracking App: Cost-Effective Solution to Typical GPS Tracking Hardware - Driver Tracking App

GPS is ‘old news’ by now in terms of technological advancements. For years, the logistics industry has been using GPS units to track the location and activity of its assets. One sector that benefits greatly from GPS technology is transportation industry, where fleet managers use driver tracking in one form or another, to make sure that vehicles get to where they ought to go every time. GPS tracking devices range from small, battery-powered units to more expensive ones that must be hard-wired into a vehicle’s system. Today, however, driver tracking is possible using the most ubiquitous device that everyone has in their pocket – a smartphone.

By installing a GPS tracker app on your fleet drivers’ personal or company-issued device, it is a lot easier to conduct fleet monitoring. You can save your company from the high costs of typical GPS tracking units and hardware that require upfront investment and more additional expenses, considering technologies you must purchase and cost of getting them hooked up and online. A driver tracking app can very easily be installed and deployed on a driver’s very own smartphone device, while fleet managers can manage everything using their own dashboards or platforms.

Driver tracking using a GPS tracker app is considered a cost-effective alternative to traditional solutions, especially since it eliminates equipment costs for the most part. Given that your fleet drivers can bring and use their own device to work, you won’t need to issue additional GPS-enabled devices to them in order to conduct proper fleet tracking. A driver tracking app is also a lot easier and cheaper to update than a physical GPS tracker device or hardware, which may require complete replacement in order to stay up-to-date.

Driver tracking, in general, likewise reduces overtime hours. It allows fleet managers to monitor whether or not the overtime hours that their drivers are clocking in are actually necessary. It is projected that a driver tracking app can very well reduce overtime hours (and in turn expenses) to at least one hour per fleet driver per work week

Since every movement of drivers and fleet units can easily be tracked and reported on, it is also easier to optimize fleet schedules and perhaps delivery routes with the help of a GPS tracker app. All these incredible benefits also translate to increased productivity and bottom line for a business, saving you thousands in operational costs while increasing overall productivity, which leads to greater profitability.