GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Behind the GPS monitoring of transportation lies a comprehensive, multi-functional system for managing vehicle logistics. A vehicle tracking software tackles logistics with both simple and complex solutions, allowing you to have a wealth of information online for both individual vehicles and groups of vehicles.

The merits of installing a GPS vehicle tracking software are many: vehicle abuse, keeping a track of your assets and better route planning. A GPS tracker helps track the speed of the vehicle between destinations. It also helps you breathe easier as you can monitor the safety of the assets and the goods in the vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle. Insurance costs, insurance premiums for vehicles that are constantly tracked online are lower. And knowing your vehicle driving patterns can help you find a better more optimized route and help the driver make better decisions on the sequence of tasks.

5 top reasons businesses are adopting the GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

You can monitor logistics in real time
With a vehicle tracking software like Easy Logger you can find the accurate location of your vehicle. The software also registers the calls made, the texts received and the application’s usage patterns. On its location archives you can find driving patterns and locate incidences of vehicle abuse that got registered on the vehicle device. Such kind of data can be used to counter claims.

You will receive Notices 

A GPS tracker enables you receive information on speeding, entering or exiting geofences. It also sends off alarms. In all such circumstances you will receive a notification, a SMS, or an e-mail.

You can place Geofences 
A GPS tracking and monitoring system uses the concept of geofences which is a specific area on the map.

Geofences can be a database of parking vehicles, points of delivery, location of clients, places of work, and gas stations. And you can place an unlimited number of geofences that can be a circle, a polygon, or any shape you choose. Geofences monitor the entrance and exit of the vehicle from the geofence. Using this feature you can receive notification of these kinds of movements which will tell you how safely and productively your drivers are functioning.

Easy to Install
An Easy Logger Android app does not require a device or involve any setup costs, it resides on the driver’s phone or on any $50 android phone installed in the car. It causes no disruption to the vehicle structure and requires no fixing of an antenna on the roof, the system easily finds a GPS signal from inside the vehicle. Often fleet vehicles already have an Android tablet or Android phone installed, and in these cases the GPS tracker can easily use the same device.

The Easy Logger tracker can be connected to your internal dispatching systems so you can pull location details into your own systems seamlessly. At $4.5 per month without a lock in period or disconnection fees this is cost effective and easy to try.

With so many advantages to offer, installing a GPS vehicle tracking software seems like a good choice.