Location tracking app

We were searching for a simple yet powerful android Location tracking app to track the real-time location of field agents – a comprehensive solution specially designed for employees working in the field. Our search ended with Easy Logger.

How does S. K. Plastics use Easy Logger?

  • Location tracking app installed on the entire workforce of 500 on field agents, Easy logger tracks GPS location of field agents by capturing updated and authentic data.
  • Get detailed reports about employee movements, including total distance traveled with speed.
  • Geo-fencing allowing managers to monitor whether agents are working within assigned territory
  • Review list of physical addresses visited with the amount of time spent at every location.
  • Inactivity tracker lets managers know if the phone remains stationary for a long period. A quick alert lets managers know if field agents are spending time idly
  • Keep track of any route deviation and unauthorized work stoppage.
  • Understand the driving patterns of the vehicle, and devise an optimized route ensuring the better sequence of tasks.
  • Calculate mileage, giving accurate reports on both the time and the distance travelled.

What SK Plastics loves most about Easy Logger?
Easy Logger offers simple and easy-to-use features, does not require high software costs or implementation cost, and at just $4.5 per month for the pro version, it offers an extremely affordable solution to monitor your field agents. With Easy logger, it has become easier to reduce waste and achieve targets.

How Easy Logger saved the day
We have 500+ field agents serving different areas. It was becoming complicated to have complete control over feet-on-the-street field personnel and manage their start-to-end routes for their optimal performance. Easy Logger Location tracking app helped us to have easy control over tasks and keep track of any route deviation and unauthorized work stoppage.

Over the time we have found that we were able to align our task force with our business goals effectively. The easy-to-use features have helped us to improve the efficiency of our sales force, and we have been able to find new and innovative means to monitor sales activities.

The search address feature lets us know the exact location of our field force vis a vis an address on the map, we now quickly respond to customers with an exact arrival time of our employees.

New things we learned

Easy Logger lets us automatically generate a report regarding the time taken and distance traveled. So, the field agent is easily able to present a detailed report about the day’s activities to the reporting manager and not worry about being accused of redundancy and data tampering – a win-win situation on both sides.

Try Easy logger location tracking app free for a month for your employees. Use trial activation code TRIALONEM.