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Teen tracking apps – A good caretaker or threat?

Teen tracking apps - A good caretaker or threat
One of the biggest concerns of today’s parents, considering the perils of the digital world, is the safety of their teens.  The proliferation of Smartphones has given freedom to teens to explore more in the online world than at any … Continue...
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Easy Logger – A Family tracker for your dear one’s safety

Family tracker app
With all kinds of man-made and natural threats lurking around the corner, parents worry about their kids getting hurt and adults worry about the security and well-being of elderly parents at all times. Sexual assaults, accidents, kidnappings, and child...
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The dangers of sexting among teens

With the advent of the smartphone, more and more teenagers are taking part in the yet another modern danger called ‘sexting’. The trend is only getting bigger and has made new headlines, resulting in a lot of worried parents and … Continue...
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