Family tracker app

With all kinds of man-made and natural threats lurking around the corner, parents worry about their kids getting hurt and adults worry about the security and well-being of elderly parents at all times. Sexual assaults, accidents, kidnappings, and child trafficking are some the hostile events that have become part and parcel of modern life.

Many security steps have been taken by the government, and yet families and friends continue to worry about their loved ones for their safety. There is a growing concern to find a resource that addresses the security apprehensions of our near and dear ones. With technology, it has become possible to find an accurate alternative for your fears.

Fortunately, real-time GPS apps such as Easy logger comes to your rescue and help you track the activities of your family and friends to give you a peace of mind regarding their safety.

Family Location Tracking
A GPS app will give you accurate results of your family’s current and exact location at all times. The live location trail enables you to keep track in real time of the whereabouts of your family and friends from point to point on a Google map, enabling you to know the exact location every time. Now you will never have to worry about your family members getting lost whilst travelling or worry about their safety in natural catastrophes such as flood or earthquake. You can pinpoint the exact location and extend your help immediately if the situation arises.

Kids tracking
Missing children and sexual predators are every parent’s worst nightmare. But today, with smart GPS tracker in your phone, you can prevent terrible incidents. With a GPS tracker on your child’s phone, you can keep a real-time track of your child’s location. And not just location, you can also keep a tab on the apps usage, track call history, and keep a check on all the incoming and outgoing texts, including deleted messages, so you can protect your child from any unsolicited advances and keep them safe from risky situations. As kids generally revolt with the idea of being tracked, Easy Loggers allows you to hide the app from view on the phone, making the app completely invisible on your child’s phone.

Elderly watch
With the increasing incidents of deceits and frauds in the cyber world, there is raising concern to track the movements of elderly, to catch any suspected movement. By remotely monitoring the elderly in your family, you can keep a track of their call logs and text messages; so you can interfere any activity that you believe is dangerous and is harming the safety of your loved ones. Also, when your loved ones are suffering from medical conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can be extremely stressful when they become disoriented for longer periods of time and wander out of designated safe zones, when the medical condition advances. This simple app can keep your worries at bay, and let you follow the movement of your loved ones. A GPS app can benefit the entire family for years to come.

Travel buddy
It can be tricky to keep track of all your family members when going out on a big, long vacation, especially when you have to coordinate with several people. While travelling can be a lot of fun, it also presents the risk of getting lost in foreign land or the possibilities of unforeseen situations such as accidents and mishaps. With Easy Logger, you can monitor the location trail of all your family members, whether you go sailing, trekking, mountaineering, or on solo trips. You and your family member can roam worry-free with a cell phone tracker installed on the Android phones.

A simple app on the phone can save your loved one’s life and give you a peace of mind that you are near to your closed ones. With both free and pro versions, Easy Logger makes the safety of your family the first priority.