Teen tracking apps

One of the biggest concerns of today’s parents, considering the perils of the digital world, is the safety of their teens.  The proliferation of Smartphones has given freedom to teens to explore more in the online world than at any other point during the technology revolution. Smartphones and tablets are a great option to remain connected with friends and family, and explore the wide world; but when put in the hands of teens whose judgment powers are yet to be fully developed, they can lead to a spiral of bad decisions and worse consequences.

A recent survey suggested that a whopping 80% of teens have a cell phone and about 74% of them have an access to the Internet on cell phones, tablets, and other web-enabled devices.  Smartphones have become an extension of a teenager’s life owing to its multiple uses, but at the same time it has created an almost risky dependency on them, resulting in exposed online threats such as sexual predators, cyber bullying, cyber attack, sexting, and more. And these fears are well-founded, considering the fact that 39% of all teenagers have sent or posted sexually suggestive messages or images, while  44% of them have accepted that they do not have any qualms in forwarding such messages to their friends.

Most parents feel that if they cannot monitor their kid’s activities out in the digital world, and they cannot protect them from any unforeseen circumstances. Mobile tracking apps such as Easy Logger comes to rescue to the concerned parents who want more control to monitor their kid’s cell phone usage and keep a track of their location, call logs, text messages, app usage tracking, and more.

However, constant monitoring without taking your teen into confidence can harm a child/parent relationships. Many teens might feel that it is an invasion of their privacy and makes them feel that their parents do not trust them.  It is important to illustrate your reasons for monitoring their activities and dangers that lurk in the online world. An open dialog with your kids will help you to make your child learn about safe internet practices.

Here are some topics to discuss with your kids:

  • Unsafe internet practice can not only hamper their current social life, but can also put their future in jeopardy.
  • As a parent, you are concerned about their safety in the digital world, considering the vast amount of cases of child trafficking and sex rackets found in everyday life.
  • The Internet is a medium where anyone can say anything, and judging the difference between fact and fiction is tougher than they comprehend.
  • As a parent, you are not monitoring them with an intention to invade their privacy, but to counsel them and help them understand what’s right and wrong. You only have their well-being in mind.
  • Though Social media sites are great for communicating with the outside world, they present a threat when sexual predators track their location, pull sensitive data, and track every single move. With so many instances of cyberbullying and bullying-related suicides, monitoring online activities is more important than ever.

With such online perils, letting your teens know that you care about them and love them while setting clear, reliable guidelines has become critical. It is important to be proactive and keep a healthy check on your kid’s online activities.

Easy Logger is a valuable tool to monitor your child’s smartphone activities and let you interfere when you suspect any dangerous movement. With both free and pro versions, Easy Logger helps you to have peace of mind regarding your child’s security.