Vehicle (fleet) tracking device

Vehicle tracking devices can be fairly expensive, in addition to the steep setup cost the subscriptions can cost 100s of dollars more every year.

Tracking a personal or commercial vehicle is getting more and more important for the following reasons.

  1. Vehicle abuse, even a slight deviation from the optimum path can cost significantly in gas prices.
  2. Tracking the speed of the vehicle between destinations.
  3. Safety concerns, safety of the asset, goods in the vehicle or occupants of the vehicle is important, by tracking a vehicle live you bring in a measure of security.
  4. Insurance costs, insurance premiums for vehicles that are constantly tracked online are lower.
  5. Historical data for analysis, knowing your vehicle driving patterns can help you find a better more optimized route and help the driver make better decisions on the sequence of tasks.

How can the Easy logger Android app help:-

  1. Easy logger Android app does not require a device or setup costs, it resides on the drivers phone or on any $50 android phone installed in the car.
  2. No disruption to the vehicle structure or fixing antenna on the roof, the system easily finds a GPS signal from inside the vehicle.
  3. Not only does the Easy logger get an accurate location it can also log the calls made, texts received and application usage patterns.
  4. Often fleet vehicles already have an Android tablet or Android phone installed, the vehicle tracker can easily use the same device.
  5. Easy logger can be connected to your internal dispatching systems so you can pull location details into your own systems seamlessly.
  6. Browse location archives to see driving patterns, find incidences of vehicle abuse or even use the data to counter against claims.
  7. At $4.5 per month without a lock in period or disconnection fees this is cost effective and easy to try.

If you are a fleet owner or need multiple licenses you qualify for a free 30 day trial for all your vehicles. Contact us at [email protected] with details on how you plan to use the Easy logger as a vehicle tracking device.