Parents Alert: Does Your Child Have Social Media FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - kids GPS tracker

An offshoot of YOLO, the FOMO phenomenon plagues millennial teens, as fueled by their dependence and addiction to social media. While social websites and applications are designed to build connections, some may say that they do more damage than good to life and psyche of children—especially growing teens. FOMO or fear of missing out because YOLO (you only live once) is the culture being promoted by many social sites, which is why a lot of parents seek out ways to alleviate their children’s exposure to these social pressures by taking control over their online activities.GPS tracking for kids is no longer just for making sure they are always in the right place at the right time. Kids GPS tracker apps nowadays also offer unique features that help parents see into what their children are doing on their phone and online. This way, they can be better protected against the many horrors of the unsupervised phone and web use.

All things considering, a lot of parents may still wonder if limiting children’s access to these social sites and platforms will alleviate their FOMO or fuel the fear, even more, having been cut off from their source of social connection. This is where being more present as a parent comes into play.

In modern times, it is all too easy to rely on technology to keep children busy and get them to behave. What many parents don’t realize is that turning to technology and gadgets in place of actual interaction with their children is actually planting the seed of FOMO in them, as this marks the beginning of their technological dependence when they should be receiving human attention and experiencing human empathy.

To protect your children from social media dependence and FOMO, it is important to be present with them at all times and give them the kind of attention no gadget or application can provide them. Limit their interaction with gadgets and devices and set fair boundaries when it comes to their daily tech use without necessarily making them feel deprived of the privilege.

Kids GPS tracker apps like Easy Logger do so much more than GPS tracking for kids. They also double as parental control applications and tools that allow you to track, monitor, and even control your children’s activities online, giving you a leg up over the negative effects of social media addiction and the fear of missing out that these social platforms create and cultivate.