Over 3000 companies including trucking companies, transport companies, pharmaceutical companies, sales companies and many others with field sales executives use the Easy logger for everything from live tracking, safety to phone abuse prevention.

Reports on phone calls Reports on phone calls.

Reports on text messages Reports on text messages.

Live location tracking Live location tracking.

Hide app option available Hide app option available.

Geo-fencing Geo-fencing

Strong privacy Strong privacy.

Security measures to protect your data Security measures to protect your data.

Logging application usage details Logging application usage details.

Minimal Data usage with Battery safe operations Minimal Data usage with Battery safe operations.

Receive app install/uninstall alerts over email Receive app install/uninstall alerts over email.

Takes seconds to install and configure.

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Why to monitor? If people were always diligent and naturally disciplined there was no need for monitoring but we live in a world where without adequate monitoring projects can simply fall apart.

Almost every employer has seen a need for monitoring employees not only to check indiscipline but also to ensure process is being followed and due diligence is in order for all projects executed.

Employee monitoring can be via regular reporting, setting up targets, time clocks, managerial supervision and more. Often these avenues of monitoring can be extremely time consuming and may not be viable methods of improving performance.

Human psychology simply works better with a perception of supervision instead of active surveillance which may cause other unneeded consequences.

Discreet, non intrusive and transparent phone monitoring is the key, the Easy logger can be used as an effective tool to monitor and log employee phone usage and location.

For jobs that involve employees to travel using company vehicles or travel at company expense a long term location log will prevent misuse.

The Easy logger free is a simple employee monitoring software that collates all the texts and calls made from the phones and sends you an email at the end of the day. The Easy logger pro goes a few steps ahead to act as a 24/7 cell phone tracker and monitor giving you access to the employees live location, calls made, texts exchanged and phone usage pattern.

If you are worried about excessive calls or data being used for non-business apps the Easy logger is for you, you now have the ability to see from a central console how all your employees are using their business phones.

Often jobs involve employees managing company assets like trucks, computers or heavy construction equipment. The Easy logger location tracking and historical location reporting ability can help ensure the equipment is safely used at the approved destination without misuse.

Jobs that involve calling or sales related travel can be almost completely monitored using the Easy logger, calls made reports and the travel logs are automatically displayed in the backend and managers can access these reports at will on their mobile devices without any investment of time on the employees part.

Several transport and sales companies trust the Easy logger for monitoring their on the go employees and we often make customizations to accommodate specific business processes.

The Easy logger free is free forever. The Easy logger pro cell phone tracker and monitoring system comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.