The modern world is surrounded by new-found threats that have become a part and parcel of our life. Parents worry about their children being assaulted by child kidnappers, sexual predators, child traffickers, and adults worry about the security of their family and elderly at all times. There is a growing concern in society regarding the ways we can keep an eye on the loved ones and addressing the security concerns of said individuals. With Easy Logger installed on your loved one’s smartphone, you can be rest assured that you remain updated about their activities, so you can intervene whenever you think they are in danger. Easy Logger provides location tracking to provide accurate results of your family’s current and exact location at all times, with a live location trail that enables to check in real time, the whereabouts of your loved ones from point to point on a Google map. With a track a phone call app on your kid’s smartphone, you can keep a tab on the app usage and the incoming calls and texts and follow their location, so you can protect your child from any unsolicited advances. Easy Logger also acts as your travel buddy, when you are out alone or with your family on a vacation. With Easy Logger, you can roam without a worry about your or your family’s location, whether you go sailing, hiking, trekking, or explore new cities. With all these utilities, you might think that this track a phone call app might drain your battery. Be rest assured, Easy Logger is created to cause minimum impact on your battery life without affecting your phone’s performance. This is because Easy Logger is designed with a slew of features to give you the best performance for your smartphone. It works in the following ways:

  • Location tracking works only in a battery safe mode, enabling a better battery life.
  • It utilizes single thread application that only takes a fraction part of the phone’s memory.
  • All the data processing and crunching of information takes place on the Cloud, wherein your phone only sends logs and gathers data, which increases your phone performance.
  • Data is transferred only when the logged data is available.
  • Every bit of data that is transferred is compressed to help save bandwidth, giving extra power to your phone.

With the above functionalities, Easy Logger uses minimal data with battery safe operations, designed to maximize the performance of your phone. While most apps drain your phone’s performance, hampering the working of your phone, we are committed to providing you a seamless experience with Easy Logger. Because how good is any app, if it cannot run smoothly on your smartphone.