Catch a Cheating Spouse with Easy Logger

Global positioning systems and technology in general are improving at lightning speeds. Nowadays, mobile applications that can track a person’s movements and even their phone activities are popping up like mushrooms in app stores and online. It is tougher now more than ever to stay off the grid and keep a low profile. There is certainly good reason to wonder whether or not there is still such a thing as ‘privacy,’ or if it this is nothing more than a concept at this point in time.

Not too long ago, in 2013, National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden revealed that the US government can and does monitor emails, calls, and texts, making people think twice about the things they share and exchange online. The same technology can be used to track spouse phone. In fact, there is a growing number of applications that offer capabilities that allow users to spy on their husbands, wives, kids, loved ones, and even their employees.

Apps like these do raise legal questions and moral issues. Invasive apps can quietly forward calls, texts, and emails may be grounds for a criminal offense under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1965, which states that accessing a computer (including modern units like smartphones and tablets) without authorization is considered a criminal act. However, if ownership of the computer in question is under a certain someone else’s name—such as a parent, spouse, or perhaps an employer—it is a legal gray area and expectation of privacy becomes questionable. Spying on your wife’s or husband’s, child’s or employee’s phone becomes more a moral rather than a legal issue if you own or a re-paying for their phone bill.

This is why many people are turning to apps that track spouses phone with their permission, couples often install the easy logger mutually on both their phones instead of being sneaky about it.

Easy Logger was designed to serve purposes, such as keeping tabs on loved ones, elderlies, and children, help find stolen phones and create geographical boundaries to keep loved ones safe. Use it to follow the whereabouts of your spouse, children, and elderly loved ones.

Protect your impressionable children from unwanted influences, monitor employees and keep track of their productivity, and learn about the life choices of the people you love—choices that can potentially harm them without proper guidance. So long as the device belongs to you and the user is aware of being tracked this can be a powerful way of enforcing discipline too.

A few examples of how Easy Logger is being used effectively and legally by happy couples.

  1. Dana and Mark get alerts when they leave home and come back, they can plan meetings together and plan chores based on their locations.
  2. Robert and Sheila share text messages which enable Robert to keep manage collective finances know when bank accounts or bills are overdue.
  3. Jack drives a truck and lets his wife Gina keep an eye on his location in real time, this is not only handy but also a security measure.
  4. Howard installs the Easy Logger on all phones in the family, kids, grandparents and even the phone attached to his dogs’ outdoor jacket, he can see the location of all his loved ones together on his dashboard 🙂