Cell phone monitoring

The online world is an incredibly exciting, fascinating place to explore with unique opportunities for communication, learning, and being creative, however, just as the real world, alongside the opportunities, it also presents potential risks for young people.

Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit text messages, voicemails, photos, videos, etc. via phone, webcam, or any other device.  Recent research suggests that nearly  20-30 percent of teens have sent and received a sext while 20 percent of the teens said they had sent a sexual image of themselves via cell phone. To top it off, of those who reported receiving a sext, well over 25 percent said that they had forwarded it to someone else.  Having shared sexually implicit messages with a mass audience can leave teens with immense shame and guilt, resulting in immediate regret. It can also hurt their self-esteem, may result in cyber-bullying, leaving them vulnerable and exposed.

Cyberbullying is an enormous issue that has only grown exponentially since the rise of social media and the increasing use of smartphones. To make matters even worse, statistics suggest that it starts as early as second grade. The alarming increase in minors experiencing and witnessing cyberbullying is fast becoming an issue that every parent needs to deal at earliest. Cyberbullying often results in eating disorders, children losing self-confidence, and body images.

Smartphones exposing children to pornography as one-in-five admit to viewing pornographic material. Whether it’s stumbling across adult content or intentionally digging out inappropriate websites, many children are reading or seeing illicit pictures and videos. Or content. Parents are being warned to child phone monitoring apps or kids tracker to monitor their children’s use of smartphones. Easy Logger – a popular kids tracker app can ensure ensuring that your child’s mobile phone use is responsible, safe and as secure as possible.

Online predators
Online predators are a threat that should not be ignored. The increasing use of smartphones has given an opportunity to potential offenders to engage with them. Recent studies suggest that online predators contact young people through almost any online medium, including, chat rooms, instant messaging, or social networks. Fortunately for concerned parents,  Easy Logger offers a nifty cell phone monitoring medium to give you detailed information about your child’s online activities.

Online scams
Scammers are getting more and more sophisticated with advancement in technology, and they tactfully target all people, especially kids and seniors, via – the internet. They attract young kids with offers that are too good to be true, contact request on social media, suspicious emails or pop-ups, and through illegal mobile apps.  Scammers will always use technology against you, but you need to outwit them and teach your kids not to fall prey to their schemes. Install kids tracker to keep your mobile protected.

Adolescence is a very fragile age. As a parent of a young child, you are perpetually torn being protective and giving your child their personal space. However, their safety should always remain your number one priority, and if that means using a kids tracker for child phone monitoring, so be it.