Teen tracking apps

The rise of smartphone technology over the years has given way to the new method of monitoring teen activity via parental tracking apps. To name one of the best, we have Easy Logger, which is an ideal app you can use to shadow your teenager as he wants to spend time out independently with his friends, go to the movies and so forth. At this vulnerable age, where he is at the crossroads of childhood and adulthood, he can get into wrong-doings either knowingly or unknowingly. Given such a scenario free mobile tracking app is helpful as it allows you to keep an eye on him in situations that are beyond your immediate control. It is probably your best defense against any such untoward circumstances.

With a cell phone monitoring app like Easy Logger you get to know his friends, and just in case there’s something fishy going on, you can get to the bottom of it all. The best part of a kid’s tracker app is you ain’t seen as being on his case all the time. Indeed, you get the best of both worlds – allowing him the freedom to have fun while at a same time inculcating in him a sense of responsibility. A cutting-edge mobile tracking app will allow you to set up code words or phrases that your teenager can send you just in case he’s in some kind of trouble. With a fall alert feature, the app is quick to sound you in case of an emergency. You would also know if the device hasn’t been used for hours – which could mean he’s got himself into some sort of soup. You can even set boundaries defining his normal routes via the geofence feature in a tracking app. When things happen out of course as in low battery or network changes or if the device has been stolen, you will be alerted.

A cell phone monitoring app like Easy Logger will allow a parent to track the kind of groups of friends your child is mixing with. A view into this activity will allow a parent to put a stop to the child going in a wrong direction before things get out of hand. A kid’s tracker app while allowing you to give the teenager the freedom he wants, adds an element of accountability as it enables you to make sure he is at the place he said he would be at any given point of time, which makes him more responsible. A cutting-edge free mobile tracking app permits the usage of code words or phrases which you can set up for the youngster to send out if he gets into some kind of trouble. You will receive a fall alert, cutting down the time it takes for you to reach when an emergency crops up. An inactivity alert also pops up, if the device has not been picked up for several hours. The geofence feature on the kid’s tracker app alerts you if the adolescent has gone outside the normal route of home to college. Parents are also alerted if the battery is low or if the network changes or if the device has been stolen.

Yet despite all the merits of cell phone monitoring apps psychologists and privacy experts warn that there are pros and cons, and parents should weigh them before signing up. For instance, too much of monitoring can harm parent-teen relationships, if the child feels he isn’t being trusted enough. A way around this, they say, would be to have open communication between parent and child about his activities on the smartphone. Parents can have passwords to each social media account and let their children know they will be checking in from time to time. Some experts argue that parents have every right to track their children’s daily digital activities as long as the child is under their care. With trackers, bullying, predators, even accidents can be halted in their tracks.