Easy mileage tracking with the Easy logger Android phone app.

Mileage tracking is one of the important features of the Easy logger, the concept of constant location logs means the Easy logger is a very accurate mileage tracker giving you both the time and the distance travelled.

The concept of mileage tracking via a phone app is not new, there are 100s of apps doing the same but where the Easy logger shines is the ease with which the process is executed.

As the Easy logger maps your complete location track it is not necessary to start and stop trips, you can map your journey on your computer after the trip and still have all the mileage logs available.

In fact you do not need to worry about mileage tracking at all, the Easy logger maintains a log that is easily accessed any time.

Mileage tracking reports submitted can be questioned but if you submit a report that shows you on the map there are no questions possible.

100s of users rely on the Easy logger to computer their Mileage as well as billable phone time, consultants appreciate the fact that the app is non intrusive and does not require any manual intervention at all.