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Family outings, theme park outings, or a day at the beach with your friends and family can be truly fun. But the difficult part is to keep track of all the family members or your friends. Have your friends reached the beach, or is everyone en route to the destination? These are some of the common troubles we face while out on our travels. Much as we love travelling, coordinating with every member of the group about their location can be cumbersome; and here is where GPS comes into the picture.

A GPS system will give you accurate results of your current position, whether you are travelling locally, globally, or across country. Easy Logger comes with a reliable GPS system which reports the current live location of the target phone and shows live location trail from point to point on a Google map, enabling you to keep track in real time of the whereabouts of your family and friends.

How can you use?

Camping : Whether you are hiking or camping, Easy Logger live tracking system will benefit you on every part of your journey. With live tracking, you can track your family members even if they are camping in the middle of the woods or a scorching desert, and get a detailed location about their trail. So next time when your kids go hiking, Easy Logger can help to find their way back home or to the campsite, so you can stay worry-free.

Family vacations : Family vacations are always fun, but also present the weighty task of managing tricky schedules. With Easy Logger installed on all mobile phones, you can now keep a tab on everyone’s exact location. So questions such as “Hey, where are you at? Are you close?” do not arise!

Solo Trip: You may be going on a solo vacation, visiting friends or family, or travelling for business purpose, whatever the reason; it’s always a good idea to let your immediate family know about your whereabouts. Accidents happen all the time, and you will be much safer if you enabled someone to keep a track on you. Also, if you are visiting someone, Easy Logger will enable them to know your exact location, so they can be ready for you!

Business Trip: When you are on a business trip on your company’s account, it’s always a good idea, to let your superior know about the highlights of your trip, to avoid any sort of misunderstanding. With Easy Logger, you can keep everyone updated regarding your location.

Sailing: When you or your closed ones are out on sailing or boating, there is always a fear of getting lost in the sea or lake. A hotspot saved in your phone can help you find the same location easily. Also, equally useful for professional or recreational fisherman who take frequent fishing trips.

Picnics or school excursions: Are you worried about your child’s whereabouts when they leave for school picnics? Easy Logger can help you to monitor live location of your child, so you can track real-time updates of your child. Never worry about your child getting lost when Easy Logger is installed on their phone.

Roam worry-free and hassle-free and make Easy Logger your travelling partner. With both free and pro versions, Easy Loggers is designed to make your travelling plans easier!