How Controlled Screen Time Improves Learning in Children

Parents, teachers, and other adults are aware of the dangers of allowing kids too much of screen time. This liberty will affect a child’s overall development and health. Children who spend an excess amount of their time on the phone, browsing or chatting, will experience eye tiredness, eye dryness, blurry vision, eye strain, headaches and other ailments.

But on the other end of the spectrum there are advantages to allowing children screen time. Recent studies suggest time spent on the computer could actually improve your child’s grades. Almost two-thirds of kids play computer games for leisure, and half of all 5-year-olds use a computer or tablet regularly. This early familiarity with computers makes them effective teaching tools.

In order to leverage on the positive benefits that digital screen time offers there must be a sense of moderation. Children can be allowed to use the Internet, provided their parents’ actively monitor their screen activity. One easy way of doing this is for parents to take the assistance of a free SMS tracker, to keep a watch on their child’s screen activity.

Here’s how time spent on the computer can actually help boost your child’s academic performance and improve his personality.

Working out your child’s brain

If your child is playing brain-stimulating computer games, you should be happy. A study has shown that such games improve the grades of children 8 to 9 years old – helping them achieve higher marks in problem solving and abstract reasoning questions.

Individualized challenges
Most children like a challenge. And taking on a challenge offered by a computer program is not stressful. This is because a computer program will allow an individual to work through the challenge at his own pace. If a child is an underperformer but has it in him to achieve, he can spend more time on the program. Super achievers can complete their tasks ahead of everyone else so they won’t get bored.

Develops Social Skills
Screen time on the computer together with other classmates or friends to create projects and share ideas in a group helps build up a child’s social skills. Some students find their voices more readily in online discussion forums. Teachers have observed that students often write more detailed and thoughtful reflections online than they had done previously on paper, theorizing that when students know they are writing for a larger and even public audience, it adds another layer of accountability and pride of ownership. Certain schools in the United States, encourage children to write and solve problems as a group using technology to nurture their problem solving skills which is a valuable social skill that can be carried throughout life.

Learning becomes fun
Learning computers programs incorporate lots of visuals, animations, music which create a whole lot of excitement to the process of learning. This is especially useful when children have to grasp something difficult which can be frustrating if it is explained in the traditional tedious way. When learning becomes fun, children find it easy to absorb knowledge and information.

Enhances Language Skills
Active screen time helps children develop language skills. By reading eBooks, doing their own on-line research for school projects, or accessing stories online, they learn new words and proper ways to pronounce them. Many types of language development technology offer multisensory engagement, which offers speed and support to the learning process.

Use a GPS Tracker to actively monitor junior’s screen time.

Track your child’s phone with Easy Logger
A Kids GPS Tracker will send you a simple report with the day’s calls and texts. Along with 24 /7 location tracking the app also provides a history of the phone’s usage over the past 90 days. Apart from tracking how your child is using screen time Easy Logger will help you protect him from unsolicited influences, to monitor your child as he travels to school and back, to learn more about the things that are taking his fancy on screen – all for child safety. From a free SMS tracker to a powerful phone tracker, Easy logger can be used in any form.

Ensures your child has a healthy online presence
A child’s online well being is just as important as his physical wellbeing. Abuse, bullying and inappropriate behavior are rife in chat networks, texts, and calls. Spammers call from foreign countries and affect gullible children. With a Kids GPS tracker you can thwart any such kind of untoward incidents.

Other Safety features of a GPS Tracker

Parents can aid in an emergency
The fall alert feature in a GPS tracker is aimed towards child safety. Parents are alerted immediately in case of an emergency.  The app also sends you an inactivity alert, if the device has not been picked up for several hours. The geofence feature on the app alerts you if the child leaves the usual circle of home to school.

Track their whereabouts
Use a free SMS tracker to watch from a distance your children’s whereabouts, as they leave for school in the morning and return home at the end of a school day. The GPS tracking system is able to inform parents’ about the location and distance of their kids particularly their whereabouts. Parents are also alerted if the battery is low or if there is a change in network when the device is stolen

Clearly, computers and the Internet help children learn. However given the negative elements associated with too much of screen time, it’s crucial for parents to actively monitor their children’s screen time and perhaps give them time slots for screen usage. Moderation is the key to reaping the benefits of screen time.