GPS trackers for kids

Whether paranoid or not, tracking your kid’s routine is the new normal. The influence and impact of the digital world is fueling this norm as kids become vulnerable targets of harmful apps like Blue Whale, Yik Yak, Tinder,, kik messenger, voxer and more, some of which are solely meant for adults. Safeguarding your child from the online world, therefore, assumes importance. One way to do this is to track their online activities using a Kids GPS Tracker. Easy Logger offers an easy and free alternative to expensive and intrusive apps and has a lot of features to ensure your child’s safety.

Tracks calls and texts
A Kids GPS Tracker like Easy logger will send you a simple email report of the day’s calls and texts without any ads or other complications. The report would cover the exact time of the call and when it was disconnected. If the call was disconnected by the receiver it will display NO ANSWER under the duration column. Easy Logger will track text messages even if they are deleted from the phone. It also trails the geographical location of the phone at the time the text was sent or received.

Tracks applications
As a parent, you would like to know the kind of apps your child is looking at frequently. Easy Logger will track all the applications accessed on the phone even letting you know the amount of time your child has devoted for each of the applications.

Emergency Notifications 

A Kids GPS software is focused on child safety. It will alert you immediately with a Fall Alert notification if your child has had a sudden fall with the device on him. It will also reveal the location of where the device has been dropped.

Live Tracking
You never lose sight of your kid with a tracker. Easy logger provides for 24/7 location tracking along with a 90-day history via the online secure phone monitoring console.

Inactivity alert
If the device has not been picked up for several hours you will be alerted to check on your child. The app will mention the current device location in the alert email.

With Easy logger you can create a Geofence on the map, to be notified every time the device enters or exits the fenced area. So, if your child leaves his usual circle of home to school you will be informed immediately via an alert.

Receive app install/uninstall alerts over email
With Easy logger, you will know all the apps that are being installed or uninstalled with an alert containing a link to the app. If your battery is low or the network changes when the device is stolen you will be informed about the change via an alert.

With so many features to monitor your child, a GPS tracker for kids can make your life so much simpler and keep your worries at bay.