Dangerous effects of internet addiction

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives and has changed the way we create, interact, communicate, and learn.  We use the internet for every little activity in our daily lives including paying bills, banking, social networking, chatting, gambling, grocery shopping, booking movie tickets, travel plans, and the list could go on! It takes only a few clicks, taps and swipes to get almost anything or any product to your door step! That’s the kind of convenience today’s smart world with smart devices offer. Well, working smart is one thing and addiction is another. Today’s smartphones have become the primary point of access to the internet and studies show that people of all ages spend more than 60% of their time surfing the net or using the internet in some form or the other. The problem arises when this excessive internet usage turns into addiction. Well, thankfully, today’s world also offers ways and means to combat this issue. There are plenty of Phone tracker apps or track a phone call apps such as Easy Logger that can help you efficiently track your time spent on the Internet. The biggest advantage to using Easy Logger is that you can easily track the time you spend on each app, thus, letting you be aware how exactly you are spending your time on your smartphone. Once you have all the information from Easy logger, you can decide when you need to stop! When excessive internet usage defies all boundaries and turns into addiction, it could negatively impact the quality of your life.  Internet addiction is dangerous, but with careful tracking, you can help to overcome it. Here are some of the dangerous effects of internet addiction:

Like all other addictions, internet addiction is also not good
Just like alcohol and drugs, internet also provides a means to ‘get away’ from real life issues and spend all your time in a virtual world. This does not help or solve the underlying problem, but only puts it off for some amount of time – just like other addictions do! So, it’s best to refrain from it!

Signs of withdrawal and isolation
When people get addicted to the Internet, they can turn irritable and anxious when they are offline or are unable to access the Internet. They tend to withdraw from their normal routine in order to be online and this behavior can negatively impact their social interactions with people around them. Due to excessive addiction to the internet, they live a solitary life wherein they disconnect from real life friends and family and most of their interpersonal relationships get disturbed. Families and marriages could be impacted too if timely action is not taken.

Escape route
Many use the Internet as an escape route. Instead of working on the problem at hand, they avoid it and use the ‘feel good factor’ of the internet and all that it has to offer in various forms. Whether it is social media, chatting or plain browsing – if it is used as an escape from a problem or a situation, it is definitely going to impact the individual’s personal life! Well, for those choosing to be on the internet as an escape route, this is a dangerous situation to be in. You will have to return back to reality at some time! Better to tackle it now than later. Recognizing symptoms and taking action sooner can help in such cases. Friends and family can track internet usage times for such individuals by using a Phone tracker app and take appropriate measures before it’s too late! With the help of a track a phone app, you can work on slowly and steadily to  reduce your internet usage.