Tracking a lost phone

I lost my phone, can the Easy logger help?

Losing a phone can be an unnerving experience not only due to the loss of the device but also the anxiety over data loss, contacts and the apprehension of the phone being misused.

If you have the Easy logger app on your phone you can always track your phone live using your online account. In fact you can track your phone by logging into from any other smart phone as well.

The Easy logger shows you the calls being made and texts being received even if the phone is not in your possession, this can be a big advantage if you are expecting important calls when the phone is misplaced or stolen.

Often users have been able to recover their phones tracking them live via GPS.

Unfortunately most stolen phones are never recovered, the Easy logger ensure you keep your phone logs and your texts logs even if you do not recover the phone itself, this is a small consolation but a big advantage for users who depend on texting for business needs.

Some users have reportedly caught thieves by monitoring the numbers they call from the stolen phone, as the option to hide the app is available on the cloud control panel the thief never sees the app at all.