Protecting your children from predators

Christmas is already here and from what I’ve heard more than half the population have put off their holiday shopping yet again until the last minute. Many people have also admitted they haven’t had the time to even plan what to get for relatives in care facilities, leaving elderly parents in need of medical care or relatives or friends that have begun losing their memory at the bottom of the shopping list. Many families resort to joint gift cards or practical clothing gifts for those with medical requirements for dementia or Alzheimer’s, instead of more meaningful options that will only be forgotten weeks later.

With 800,000 people over the age of 60 in the UK suffering from confusion, forgetfulness and various forms of dementia, the combined pressure of finding the right gift with something that is useful and safe has increased. When a person with dementia wanders or regularly becomes lost it can affect the close family ties as stress seeps in, especially during family gatherings and holiday seasons. Problems tend to emerge when these elderly parents or friends go out for a walk and then forget where they are going or how to get back home.

Six in ten people with dementia will wander out of designated safe zones, and as the disease progresses, a person can become disoriented for longer periods of time. This can be dangerous to both Alzheimer’s patients and others, but fortunately, you can prevent wandering by creating a plan and using a service like tracking technology to help. A novel yet sensible idea for a suitable gift then would be a mobile phone, if they don’t already have one, and an app for their phone that can track them, such as Mobile Logger that will benefit the whole family for years to come is.

This simple app can be installed on any device with an internet connection, allowing you to not only track the users movements, but also keep tabs on important phone calls, messages and usage plans so that your loved ones can keep appointments and stay connected. Even if your parents are in their own home or sheltered accommodation and you are far away from them, a GPS Tracking Device will allow you a closer connection whilst providing an independent lifestyle.

By wearing a tracker, they can continue to enjoy their independence, whilst providing reassurance to friends and relatives, wherever they may be living, that their loved one is safe. The caregivers or care home will probably appreciate your care and concern for helping to keep track of your parents and you can have peace knowing that you can know where they are and where they are going. So encourage the elderly people in your life to exercise and eat right and gift them this Christmas a tracking app for peace of mind, both for you and for them, and make this season merry and bright for you all!