GPS tracking for Children

GPS tracking is one of the greatest marvels of our modern technology. GPS stands for “Global Positioning System,” and this is exactly what GPS tracking allows one to do: find the position of just about anything on earth. GPS makes use of satellite tracking by following a specific device. As long as you have access to that device’s frequency, you can find it anywhere on earth. It works 24/7/365 in any type of weather.

The cell phone as a GPS tracking device is also a technological marvel. Is your child supposed to be studying at a certain address? You can turn on the tracker and see whether or not he or she is, in fact, where he or she should be. The cell phone serves dual purposes: you can contact your child, and if it is outfitted with GPS tracking, you know where she or he is. The cell phone may be the ultimate device in keeping track of your child.

The Easy logger system resides on the phone and keeps posting the current phone location to a cloud based control panel, this is an easy way to use the GPS tracking technology to keep a tab on your childs location.

A phones GPS can be extraordinarily accurate, often upto 50 feets which gives you a clear picture of your child’s whereabouts at any point of time. The application is completely discreet and can be hidden so as to keep the child from disabling it.

In a complex world full of attractions that can potentially be harmful the Easy logger can become an early warning system, you see where your child is at all times, who your child calls, review text messages exchanged and have a system to review historical phone data on the cloud.

How do you keep your kids safe using technology? Tell us about it!