Simple geofence app as a part of Easy Logger.

Easy Logger, a popular app, also has geofencing wherein you create a geofence on a map and receive alerts when the phone enters or exits the geofence. Geofencing has both personal and corporate uses like:

  1. Tracking kids,
  2. Tracking vehicles,
  3. Tracking employees.

Most parents love the reassurance of that simple email that tells them when their child reaches the school and when the child is on the way back from school. Geofencing alerts are also used very effectively by transport companies who use it to track the truck and the drivers getting close to the pickup or delivery addresses. Easy Logger makes the process of setting up a geofence very simple. Just mark on the map and get to any zoom level you like. It takes just seconds to set up a geofence without any complexities or multiple steps. Most users intuitively set up geofences and get alerts that can save them time and money in addition to giving them peace of mind. Geofence app is part of the Easy Logger Pro subscription. All existing Easy Logger Pro subscribers will also see the geofence app on their dashboards. Use the license code TRIALONEM for a free 1-month geofencing trial.