gps tracking for sales personnel

Time after time, enterprises have been trying to find new ways to monitor employees to increase overall productivity. Some businesses take help from time clocks and smart cards while others make use of the CCTV cameras to monitor employees’ time on the company floor. However, the problem arises, when you need to monitor employees who need to work away from the place of business, as sales personnel, or other jobs which require employees to leave the office building at regular intervals in the company’s vehicle.

Enterprises are repeatedly trying to find new ways to monitor sales activities to analyze their cost to benefit ratio and develop business policies. Advanced technology to track information and sales is no longer a luxury, but a prerequisite feature. Thanks to the mobile tracking app, Easy Logger, you can achieve a greater control over your feet-on-the-street sales personnel by tracking their live location and start-to-end routes for their optimal performance. The app enhances the productivity of your enterprise and the efficiency of the sales force with easy-to-use features.

Benefits of using Easy Logger:

Improve response time to the customers: With the live tracking feature, know the exact location of your sales personnel and quickly respond to your customers letting them know the exact arrival time of your team.

Idling: Excessive wastage of time by sales personnel ultimately adds to the company’s cost. Using a company vehicle for personal trips adds up the fuel costs and also loss of profits. With Easy Logger, you can keep a track of any route deviation and unauthorized work stoppage.

Over-speeding: Speeding vehicles not only increases the risk of meeting with an accident endangering vehicles’ safety and the company’s reputation, but also tends to increase the consumption of fuel, as travelling above the prescribed limits has a negative impact on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. With Easy Logger GPS system, keep a tab on your vehicle’s speed.

Optimized use: Easy Logger delivers you the historical data for analysis, to let you understand the driving patterns of your vehicle, and help you devise an optimized route ensuring better sequence of tasks.

Unauthorized use: Texting or talking on the mobile phone while driving is not only a legal offence, but also increases the risk of accidents. To ensure that your sales personnel or drivers keep their eyes on the road, Easy Logger sends you a report of all the phone calls or text messages made while the vehicle was in motion.

Mileage tracking: Travelling can be the biggest expense of sales personnel. Easy Logger offers extremely easy-to-use features, to let you calculate mileage, giving you accurate reports on both the time and the distance travelled. With no hassles of starting and stopping with every journey, you can map the journey directly on the computer after the trip.

Easy Logger does not require high software costs or implementation cost. Simply download the app on your personnel Android phone, or any other phone installed in the car, and receive live location tracking, logs of the calls made, texts received, and application usage patterns. With single control panel, monitor your task force from a single screen. For just $4.5 per month for the pro version without a lock-in period or disconnection fees, Easy Logger has found many takers for its exceptional features and benefits.

With Easy Logger, you can replace time wasted with achieving your targets by eliminating redundancy and aligning your goals. We understand that successful selling is not about the efforts, but the ultimate results.