Track Your Lost Phone – Even When It’s on Silent

Losing your mobile can be a dreadful experience, especially with the amount of personal information that it may have on it—not to mention all the personal accounts that it has access to. This is why it pays to learn ways to track a lost phone regardless of the circumstances. A few things are more frustrating than losing your mobile device while it is on silent mode. Without a locate my phone app installed, it can be next to impossible to find a lost phone with a silent ringer, apart from tearing your room or your entire house apart in search for your missing device.

A locate my phone app is your best option to track lost phone in any situation, but what happens when you don’t have a tracker app installed? Are you supposed to give up all hope of ever finding your device or resolve to let it go until it somehow resurfaced? With a little creative thinking, you can very well attempt search—especially when you have a pretty good idea where you misplaced your device.

Easy logger offers an alarm feature that can be remotely activated. Once activated, it plays a loud siren on the phone even if it is on silent, this is especially useful when the phone might be hidden under stuff or may be stolen. The loud siren is sure to attract the attention of people, helping you to get your phone back easily!

Phone tracker apps are not only useful for finding lost phones but also for many different phone monitoring tasks, as well as for keeping watch of your loved one’s whereabouts and controlling or regulating their phone habits and usage.

Easy Logger is a leading cell phone tracker and monitoring application that you can install on your device to track lost phone in the event that it gets misplaced or perhaps stolen or lost. This locate my phone application offers comprehensive features, including location tracking and monitoring of application usage, texts, calls, and other phone activities. Tools are easy to use thanks to the program’s device agnostic nature, which enables smooth operation across different platforms.