Social media linked to lower grades in school

Modern technology has turned the entire world into a ‘Global Village’. And social media today has added a new layer to how we communicate and interact. But, as with every technology, there are also two sides of social media. On one hand, it helps people to be more informed, enlightened, abreast and keeping with world development. On the other hand, it exposes people, especially young teens and children to its many flaws. It is believed that social media sites can have a negative effect on studies and even affect the brain development of teens.

Social media plays a part in infantilizing the brain by providing constant instant gratification and decreasing the attention span. Could texting, tweeting, or Facebooking hurt one’s grades? Modern research confirms that the widespread use of social media among children and teens, which includes texting to chatting on mobile phones, and even posting status updates on various social media sites could take an academic toll.

When asked about the daily study routine, one young teen reported that checking Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites were the biggest obstacles to her homework. Another student stated, “I open my history book, spend 15 minutes checking my cell phone for any new update, open my history book,  and again spend more time checking social media sites”. The quality of homework is also affected when kids show less willingness to spend time studying so that they can spend more time on their cell phones checking various social sites. Even teachers are concerned about the increase in the number of children using social networking language or texting language instead of using proper English grammar. More than 50% teachers believe that social media sites are responsible for children not being able to spell or use grammar correctly as well as previous generations. They also believe that children are not able to write by hand as well as they are expected, owing to the habit of using touchpads and keyboards. Due to the increasing presence of social media and usage of cell phones among kids, most parents today are trying to find the answer to the question, How do you track cell phones.

What Should Parents Do?
Today, parents need to monitor their kids directly using a kids tracker app. Easy Logger is a mobile app that provides a full access to a child’s phone to the parents. With this app, parents can track phones online and track each and every activity on their child’s phone every second. This data includes call logs, apps accessed, time spent on mobile apps, GPS tracking , tracks outgoing and incoming messages, and more. With many online perils, it’s essential to set clear, reliable guidelines, to protect your child’s education when it’s most important. It’s critical to be proactive and keep a healthy check on your kids’ social media usage.