Protecting your children from predators

The Internet is an amazing medium, but just like the real world, the virtual world also poses threats and dangers. While the online world presents wonderful opportunities for children, to expand their horizons and ways of life, they are also exposed to many threats and fears. Reports suggest that more than 50,000 child predators are present in the online world at any given point in time looking for possible victims.

Without any doubt, the Internet has a lot to offer to kids, but to many teachers and parents, the internet seems to be a hostile place with predators lurking, to take advantage of innocent minds. Some of these fears are well-founded. There had been reports that one in seven children receives sexual solicitations online, through apps and text messages via a mobile phone. A staggering 15% of the teens owning a cell phone have admitted to receiving sexually explicit images via text message. A high percentage of teens feel it is okay to send suggestive nude/semi-nude images via text message. In such circumstances, it is important to let your kids understand that when they send any text message of a sexual nature, it has the risk of becoming viral and threatening their security.

Protecting your children from predators:
If you are constantly worrying about the security of your children, here are a few Internet and cell phone safety tips to discuss with your children:

  • Never write or share anything via  a text message, email, or in social media that you might feel uncomfortable if everyone sees it. The same applies to images.
  • If you receive any sexually explicit image, immediately delete the image and never forward the image to anyone, not even your closest friends.
  • Always make sure that your privacy settings, only allows your friends to see your updates and what you are posting.
  • Only connect with people that you personally know. Avoid talking or accepting unsolicited requests from unknown people.
  • Never share your cell phone number, email address, or your home address without anyone whom you do not know.
  • Always remember that it is impossible to know the real identity of the unknown people, and never believe who they say are unless you know them
  • Never think twice before contacting parents or a trusted adult, if you receive any calls or texts from strangers or at social media apps.

Fortunately, with mobile tracking apps, you can now track activities of calls, text messages, app usage, location, and more, to gain clarity about your kid’s cell phone activities. Though we believe that spying on your kid’s activities is wrong, considering the security threats of today’s modern world, it is important to maintain a balance by using basic unintrusive phone tracking.

Easy Logger is a valuable tool to let you monitor your kid’s cell phone usage, enabling you to access everything that your kids are doing with their mobile devices. Easy Logger gives you the freedom so you can track any activity that you believe is inappropriate and harming your child’s future.  Stay one step ahead of predators, and protect your child’s security 24/7 with Easy Logger.