Kids tracker apps

Tracking a child is practically a lifelong responsibility of a parent, however at a young age this responsibility is even more important. Life isn’t simple any more due to the many smart devices kids use these days, however these smart devices can be used to your advantage as they can be programmed to tell you everything about what your child does on the phone, where you child travels and how you child spends his/her time on the phone, Easy logger is a kids tracker that is unintrusive, simple to operate, easy to install and built on a secure and professional cloud platform.

Screens have become compact, interactive and have proliferated our day to day lives, revolutionising the way how we connect and collaborate with others. It’s no secret that we live in a digital world and kids today are some of the most technologically proficient people around. While most of you might still remember the day your family bought home the first computer, for kids today using smart technology is no big deal, because they have always lived in the world where tablets and smartphones are part and parcel of life.

A recently published research suggests that children today spend most of their free time glued on screens, spending as much as 75% of their free time staring at one screen or another. What is more alarming is that many kids spend time on their tablets or smartphones from the time they reach home till bedtime.

If you are anxious that your kid is spending too much time on screens, then these tips might help you create a healthy balance between screen time and constructive activities:

Be a role model
It is true that a child tries to do everything their parents do, especially the younger ones. If kids see their parents constantly playing on their phones, they are more likely to accept that as a normal behaviour. Parents can set an example for their kids by using the phone for only work purposes and for a limited time. Your addiction to pixels can probably encourage your kid to spend more time staring into the electronic void.

Set clear guidelines
It’s always a good idea to interact with your child and let them know the implications of using their gadgets unwisely. Sit down with them and work together to underline the rules as to when and how they are allowed to use their gadgets. This will give them a chance to enjoy their screen time while keeping screen addiction at bay. After agreeing on all the major rules, setting it down in black and white will ensure that there is no dispute later on what’s been agreed upon (especially if you have teens!).

Establish screen-free time
The most popular approach is to set clear time and spaces when using screens or technology is strictly off limits. Restricting screen time during dinner or after a certain hour can help to limit gadget use. Planning tech-free trips is also a good idea to make sure that your child spends quality time with their family and friends.

Monitor their screen time
Fortunately for concerned parents, there are Kids tracker apps such as Easy Logger to give you access to your kids smartphone activities, so you can circumvent when you suspect that your child is spending unhealthy time on their devices. Easy Logger provides extensive monitoring services  for parents to keep a tab on phone calls, phone tracker online, text messages, GPS logs, time spent on applications, websites visited, and more. Knowing what your kids are doing with their screen time will help you to nip your worries in the bud and remain worry free.

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