Monitor your kid’s technology time

There’s a whole lot of ubiquitous sleaze that’s infested the online world. The scary part is that today’s growing children who are addicted to phones and computers can mistakenly access adult content and get exposed to things that will corrupt their open and susceptible minds. As a parent, it is important that you stay on top of their technology tours by introducing controls and rules, the moment a new device becomes “family” property. Taking control of your kid’s technology time isn’t too difficult with the number of tools available for monitoring, curtailing their internet usage or tracking their cell phone app.

Create a child’s account
Windows PCs are child-friendly as they allow you to create a child’s account with family safety settings. As your little one immerses himself browsing, you will be able to monitor or time his usage silently. With the key to his account, you can block certain applications or site, and even get access to his weekly activity.

Install Software
You can tighten the screws on your child’s technology activity by installing software which allows varying levels of censorship as per your young one’s age and house rules.

Control his Tablet
Tablets offer parental control settings where the parent can log on as Administrator from his separate computer and share the screen with his child’s tablet.

Back-up plan
Give your child to use the phone but set it up first for surveillance by activating the essential security features and imposing any usage limitations. Then back up the phone’s content to your PC to check on what apps he’s looking at, as well as his call and text messages.

Be on Alert with GPS

A GPS location tracker works like an informant who lets you know if your kid has wandered outside the safe boundaries you have set into the GPS system.  With a Panic Button installed you can also block incoming calls and disable all wireless signals.

Free tracking apps for Android users
Free Phone tracker for all

Kids Place is a comprehensive parental control app with a customized home screen that showcases approved apps only. It will stall your child from downloading or buying new apps and it’s time feature will draw out a schedule for smartphone usage. Another helpful free tracking app for Android users is Screen Time. With Screen Time you can manage how much of screen time your child will get by blocking different apps according to the time. So go ahead and block games at bedtime, and feel free to permit the reading app. Then again, you can block all apps when it’s time to sleep. This app allows specifics the daily time limit that you can allow your child for using the app. Ironically, it’s technology itself that can rein in the curbs and protect your child’s innocence in the wrong online world.