How Android app can track cell phone users without their permission

Today, literally our whole lives revolve around cell phones. What once used to be a simple device to call and stay connected with your near and dear ones has now turned into a powerhouse that has influenced almost every aspect of our lives. For some, this may be a boon, but for some, it might turn into a source of constant worry and anxiety. Parents of teenage kids, for instance, may find themselves constantly worrying about their kid’s online activities and wondering what apps they use regularly on their smartphones. The internet is an ocean of opportunities – to explore and learn. But in reality, not all of us use this freedom judiciously and sometimes even the most careful ones fall prey to the dangers of the internet. To protect ourselves and our loved ones is up to us. As messed up as that sounds, today’s technology-driven world offers solutions too. Easy Logger is a free tracking app for Android phones that is easily available for parents to install on their kid’s smartphones and track their online activities at all times.

Tracking without permission from the owner?
Tracking someone’s online activities without their permission seems like an invasion of their privacy. But, it may not necessarily be like that. Whether you worry about your kid’s safety or wish to track husband’s phone, it is one means to ensure that your loved ones are insulated from the perils of the unknown – The Internet.

What exactly can you monitor?

Samsung Phone Tracker

Many cell phone tracking apps ensure that you get detailed information about almost everything on the phone. Easy Logger is one such app that can log every activity on a particular cell phone. Here are a few things that you can monitor:

Calls: Easy Logger monitors calls efficiently. It tracks who was called and who called the cell phone. It also monitors the exact time the call was made and when it was disconnected and the duration of each call. The good part is that it can detect the calls even if they were deleted from the cell phone. Moreover, it tracks missed calls and unanswered calls too.

Text messages: The app can accurately log text messages. Whether incoming messages or outgoing, the app logs all of them – even if they were deleted later or immediately after receiving the message.

Application usage: Easy Logger efficiently tracks all the apps that were used on the cell phone. It provides you with details of the amount of time spent on each of the app on the cell phone and gives you a detailed report on the memory utilization of each application. It also tells you new applications that have been downloaded or any old ones that have been deleted.

Location Tracking: Live location tracking is by far the most important feature of this app. It is a boon for worrying parents. It provides you with the current location of the cell phone, lists the location coordinates of the places from where the calls took place and also provides historical location data.

Along with all this, it has a hide option where the user is unaware that the app is running on their phone and is quite a boon for those looking for a peaceful night’s sleep without having to worry about the safety of their kids or the whereabouts of their spouse.