Free Phone tracker for all

Easy logger is a simple free phone tracker that can be used by anybody without a lot of technical expertize or experience with apps before.

Installing is simple via the intuitive interface where you can either download the program directly or text the links to your phone, simply enable unknown sources from settings > security and install the APK downloaded.

Configure the app using your email address and either use an account you have or create one quickly. Put in a device name that you recognize, setup emails to come to you either daily or weekly with complete call logs and text logs. The app is setup in seconds.

Phone tracking does not need to take up a lot of battery, Easy logger is completely battery safe and takes less than 0.5% of the usual phone battery in a 24 hr cycle.

Tracking phones also need not be a full-time job, the time spent tracking phone activity must be limited to make the phone tracker useful. Easy logger simply sends you a mail once in a day or once in a week giving you a complete picture on how the phone is being used, calls being made, calls received, full texts that were sent out and texts received as well.

Easy Logger Pro

Easy logger Pro goes one step further with real-time location tracking, apps usage tracking and an option to securely hide the app on the phone. If you are worried about the app being removed from your phone the hide and lock down option can be used.