Free Phone data backup using the Easy logger

As phones grow more and more advanced the data housed in them becomes more and more important for personal as well as business purposes.

Calls made and texts exchanged are the core of the data that a phone holds, this data is often critical to an individuals needs.

Backing up is a process that everybody who values their data follows, this takes time and expense of saving and archiving the information. Another inconvenience is the process of recovery which can take days if not week often causing untold inconvenience.

The Easy logger free acts as a phone data archival utility that collates every call made / received and every text sent / received and sends it to your email inbox where the data can be reviewed, searched into and recovered as and when needed.

The convenience of having all calls and text messages in your email inbox is yet another benefit of using the system.

The Easy logger pro goes a few steps ahead and archives calls and texts in a cloud interface that you can access anytime via a phone or computer. This archive is sorted by dates and is fully searchable. Your data is now available in a secure and easy to use environment without the need for expensive time consuming recovery methods.