Find My Phone
Losing something as personal as your phone can be a painful experience. Not only have you lost an expensive device but also all your  important data. The anxiety that your phone could be misused and land you in troulble makes the whole affair seem terrible. However hope for the best as there are options available that can help you track your phone and the thief that dared to steal it!

Install the Easy Logger App
If you have the Easy Logger app installed on your phone tracking it gets easy. Use your online account to locate your phone. Or log into from any smartphone. Often users have been able to recover their phones tracking them live via GPS. Even if you are unable to recover your phone Easy Logger makes life better for you at these terrible moments. The GPS tracker displays the calls being made and texts being received even if the phone is not in your hands which can be very helpful if you are expecting important calls when the phone is misplaced or stolen. Businesspeople have much to gain from installing such a ‘find my phone’ app. Easy Logger can trap the thief who doesn’t see the app as the option to hide the app is right there on the cloud control panel – making it simple to monitor the numbers the thief calls from the stolen phone

Google Maps location history
Another option is to use Google Maps to track your phone if it is turned off or disengaged from the internet. This ‘find my phone’ option will be possible if you have triggered Location Reporting and Location History on your device. If so, visit your Google account through a web browser to get to the Location History feature making sure the current time frame is selected, and you will see the last location your phone pinged. If the phone is turned off, or disconnected, this option will not work, but it is the next best thing in case you dropped your phone while shopping and its battery died. It can also be useful to notice movement patterns, which could be your thief’s home or workplace.

Dropbox camera 
Dropbox is an app you can use to find your phone. However your phone needs to be online for this, and you need to have turned on the “Camera Upload” setting in the app. Accordingly, it will upload any photos the thief takes with the phone to your Dropbox folder. You can then identify the thief, and possibly figure out his/her location based on the background in the photo. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or a blog, you can crowdsource your phone hunt. Social media makes catching the thief possible.