App to prevent phone misuse

Cell phone misuse is gaining prevalence in all sections of society, a cell phone is a real friend when it comes to keeping connected but can turn into a foe when the phone is inappropriately used.

What are the most common types of phone misuse?

  1. Misusing the device to make unauthorized calls e.g. personal or international calls from a company phone.
  2. Lending a company phone to a friend or associate.
  3. Playing games on company time on a company device.
  4. Excessive indulgence in chatting or excessive time spent on calls.
  5. Making or receiving phone calls or text message that said things that were highly offensive
  6. Making or receiving phone calls or text message that were found harassing or threatening
  7. Storage of inappropriate photos or files on the phone.

The Easy logger can help you safeguard against phone misuse. If you are giving your child his/her first phone or paying for an employee’s phone you have a right to know if the device is not being used for the purpose intended.

Get a free report in your email at the end of the day including a concise list of all the calls and texts made plus a summary of all the apps used on the phone with the amount of time each app was used for. This data has the potential of not only stopping phone misuse but also to understand the behaviour of the individual using the device.

Easy logger users have saved 1000s of dollars in reduced phone bills and improved productivity. The device’s real owner can now see how the device is being used!

The Easy logger cell phone tracker and monitoring system comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. At $4.5 per month the cost far outweighs the benefits.