Use Easy Logger like a Pro

Easy Logger has long been one of the favorite apps on Android for efficient mobile tracking. Beneath the surface, though, you can use Easy Logger for a lot more than just tracking calls or text messages. Here’s how to use Easy Logger like a pro.

Get reports in your email:  Get reports directly on your email or review them via secure online cloud control panel. With the ease of viewing your needed information on the email, save your valuable time.

Hide the Easy logger icon: Do you want the target receiver to be unaware about the app? Especially, when you have young kids to monitor. You can hide the app from view on the phone and easily access the app by dialing a secret code that you set up. Simply, hide the app via your online cloud control panel, without even accessing the phone.

Location trail: Do you own a fleet of vehicles or have a large sales team? Use Easy Logger, not to just track them, but also follow the location trail from point to point on a Google map. What’s more, also keep a track of the location coordinates to exactly place all the calls and texts.

Altitude Check: Are your kids on a mountaineering trek trip? Easy Logger can help them to know the exact altitude of their location, and add more fun to their trip. Or, use the app for yourself when take a trekking trip in the mountains.

Email Alerts: Get an alert every time an application is removed or added to the phone, enabling you to gain better control of the target phone. Also, receive an alert when Easy Logger is removed from the target phone, to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Track time spent on apps: Are you worried about the time your kids spend on social media apps or games or your employees spending unproductive time on frivolous apps on the company’s cell phone? Let Easy Logger track the amount of time spent on each app on the mobile, even the hidden ones and monitor the work progress.

Find your stolen phone: Losing your phone can be a stressful event, especially when you face the risk of losing all your important data and contacts.  Easy Logger can help you recover your phones via GPS. If unfortunately, you cannot recover your phone, you can still receive your calls and text history with the help of Easy Logger.

Geofence alert: Easy Logger lets you create a geofence on a map, wherein you receive alerts when the phone enters or exits the geofence. You can use Geofencing to track kids, employees, or even vehicles. Most parents love the reassurance of that simple email that tells them when their child reaches the school or home, or employers who need to keep track of their fleet.

Offline Reports: Easy Logger sends you an email alert if the app stops syncing for more than six hours due to inactive Internet or due to any operating system error – so you can fix it right away. This is especially useful when you are kids who are away for a long time or if your employees are working remotely.

High ambient noise alert: Loud music, traffic noise, or noisy classroom can expose your loved ones to noise environments that may not be healthy. High ambient noise can lead to hearing damage or even anxiety. Easy Logger sends you an email if your child or senior loved ones are exposed to high noise levels for over 10 seconds.

Dangerous situations alert: Rash driving, violent behavior, or sports can cause high G-forces. Easy Logger lets you configure the acceptable level of G-force based on your children’s or senior’s lifestyle and sends you an alert when this is exceeded. This feature is extremely useful when you have a teenager who has just begun to drive.

How do you use Easy Logger? Share with us in the comments section below.