Top 5 Dangers Your Kids Face Online

The World Wide Web is an incredible resource for information. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best places to enhance your knowledge about anything and everything under the sun. Since children with their verily impressionable minds are among the most active users of the Internet, they also face the greatest risk of encountering all kinds of online dangers. This is why it pays knowing Internet safety tips, ranging from putting in place robust cybersecurity suites and software applications to considering cell phone monitoring in order to shield them from the perils of the online world.

Below are only some of the biggest threats children face when going online:

1. Inappropriate content – The Internet is a web of all kinds of information and content, some of which are unsuitable for children. While your child may not directly or intentionally search for such types of content, they might stumble upon them accidentally—especially when you don’t have the proper filters to shield them from sites that serve up all kinds of inappropriate content.

2. Social dangers – Predators prey on unsuspecting children in chat rooms and social sites, posing as “friendly characters” who are only looking for the right opportunity to pounce. It is very easy to create fake accounts for the purpose of deceiving and victimizing children online, which is why it is important to monitor your children’s online interactions and constantly remind them not to converse with people they don’t know.

3. Scams – Online scams do not exclusively target older adults. Even children are vulnerable to phishing and all sorts of email scams that aim to extort. They could likely be tricked into giving out personal information that could compromise their safety.

4. Cyberbullying – Bullying has transcended the physical environment onto the cyber world. As a matter of fact, online platforms make it easier for bullies to attack victims, thanks to anonymity and the advantage of hiding behind the screen and their username.

5. Malware – Children could unknowingly download and install different kinds of malware and viruses that could perform harmful actions on their computer or device, ranging from hijacking their computer to stealing personal information, among many others.

With all the different threats and dangers that children face online, you want a way to monitor what they are encountering each time they log on.

Easy Logger is a 24/7 smartphone tracker and safety application that can help you remotely monitor your child’s cell phone logs, including their online activity, providing you much needed peace of mind that they are not being victimized by deceitful characters online.